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God's Smuggler 60th Anniversary Edition


by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill (paperback, 2015). The true story of Open Doors founder Brother Andrew’s beginnings smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, originally published in 1967. This 60th anniversary edition includes an exclusive interview with Brother Andrew about his experiences since the original publication of God’s Smuggler, especially in the Middle East, as well as a collection of vintage photos.

World Watch List 2020 Booklets


This includes the 50 countries on the World Watch List 2020. You’ll see each country’s persecution profile, along with a glimpse at the context in which these persecuted believers live. And most importantly, you’ll see a list of prayer requests that will help you stand with Christians worldwide.

World Watch List 2020 Maps

$7 for pack of 10 (incl. ship)

A fold-out wall map that includes all 50 countries on the World Watch List. This is a good visual reminder to pray for persecuted believers throughout the year.

Church Packet

No Charge

A Church packet of our introductory prayer guides, small group study information, and other ministry resources.

Light Force on CD


by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen, read by Wayne Shepard (Abridged 4 CD set, 294 minutes, 2004). Brother Andrew’s compelling book introduces a third group caught in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Christians.

No Guts No Glory


By Brother Andrew with Al Janssen. Through David we learn to confront the fears – cultural, political, even religious – that intimidate so many Christians.

One With Them Wristbands – 25 Pack


This pack of 25 ONE WITH THEM wristbands is great for events, churches, and groups. Size regular (20 cm) or large (22 cm).

One With Them Wristbands – 5 Pack


This 5-Pack ONE WITH THEM wristbands is perfect for sharing. 1 for you, 4 to give away.  Size regular (20 cm) or large (22 cm).

Prayer - The Real Battle


by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen (booklet, 2009) Learn practical biblical lessons about the true effectiveness of prayer.

Secret Believers


In this riveting true story of the Church in Islamic countries struggling to come to grips with hostile governments, terrorist acts, and an influx of Muslims coming to Christ, you will meet a group of men and women you never knew existed. In paperback.

Secret Believers on DVD


This compelling film captures of what it is like to live life isolated and threatened by the Muslim world around you will move you. We hope this film will help you spread awareness and rally fellow Christians to pray for persecuted Christians.



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Walk In Their Shoes - Shoelaces

$2 (incl. ship)

Buy the shoelaces. Wear the shoelaces. Make a statement about injustice. One pair.

Colors: blue or pink.

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