“We ask that all believers around the world would pray that God will bring an end to these killings because we have become homeless, fatherless and orphans due to their attacks.”

—Mary, a survivor of the recent attacks

Militant Fulani herdsmen recently went on a four-day killing spree near the town of Jos in northern Nigeria. Our field workers report at least 200 Christians were killed and thousands displaced between June 21-24. There is currently a dusk-to-dawn curfew in place, but the violence continues.

Share your prayer below—and be encouraged by the prayers of others.

Lord, we ask you to work in a powerful way to provide relief, support, food and security for the more than 3,000 people who’ve been displaced from their homes due to the recent attacks by Fulani herdsmen.


Lord, you are the great protector and comforter—we ask that you would urgently intervene and help Christians in Nigeria today.

In your name, Jesus, Amen!



Lord, I pray specifically for the pastors and leaders of the Church in Nigeria today. Be with them and give them wisdom and support in leading their people through these brutal attacks. Guide them to have courage and give them peace in your Holy Spirit, Amen.


Father, we humbly come before your throne and ask for you to rescue believers in Nigeria who’ve lost their homes and many who’ve lost loved ones in the Fulani attacks.


God, we ask you to be near to the broken hearted in Nigeria who have so much in these attacks. I pray especially for the families whose loved ones and friends are still missing and ask that You surround these families with your comfort and peace.


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