Pray for Our Sisters in Christ on the 2019 World Watch List

Isolation, inferiority, shame. In many of the 2019 World Watch List countries, Christian women are doubly vulnerable to persecution both for their gender and their faith. Often, these silent or hidden “attacks” go unreported and/or are not measured as persecution, especially if they are perceived as normal within their culture. Additionally, shame—coupled with a woman’s lack of voice and economic resources in her family and community—stops many from reporting discrimination or even physical violence. Please stand with our suffering sisters by sharing a prayer below.

"And when I went home, I spoke to my other (spiritual) sisters, who had the same experience, and they too received peace of mind. God has promised that one day He will wipe away all our tears … all the pain and worries we have faced."

A survivor of sexual violence after attending an Open Doors’ Trauma Care Program

Share your prayers below—and be encouraged by the prayers of others.

Silent Shame

Throughout the world, Christian girls and women are targeted by extremists and often persecuted by their own families and communities. In Nigeria, Islamic extremists abduct, rape and enslave Christian women and girls. In India, women who leave Hinduism to follow Jesus are subjected to molestation, rape, physical and verbal abuse, attempted murder, forced participation in Hindu rituals, isolation and expulsion from their home/village. And in south Asia and the Middle East, Christian women and girls are kidnapped and sometimes forced to marry Muslim men—in an attempt to convert them to Islam.

Prayers Shared


Prayer Wall

Father God, You are powerful.

Father God, You are powerful. I ask that you will strengthen my sisters is Christ and show them that that even in the worst circumstances You are with us and You love us. Even as You were dying on the cross You loved us. Protect my sisters, and give them strength.




LORD GOD GRACIOUS CREATOR; REDEEMER, SAVIOR, PLEASE COME NEAR US HEAVENLY FATHER TO SHOW US YOUR LOVE because sometime it hurts so much and we feel so small and dirty…. Forgive me please FATHER when I get discouraged And remind me how JESUS CHRIST THE ONLY MEDIATOR BETWEEN MAN AND THE LIVING LORD has washed us of all our transgressions and sin And how Greater is He who is in you Than he who is in the world. Be w/ my sisters too to give us Thy HOLY SPIRIT and courage so we may HEAR your Voice ♥

A blessed by struggling sister of HIM

O Jehovah God our Heavenly

O Jehovah God our Heavenly Father we ask that you lay your Blessed Hands upon our dear mothers for Your blessing and care protect them from the hands of the evil people and secure their lives we ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen Amen and Amen


Aisha, I have personally written

Aisha, I have personally written you before, but now I am joining other brother and sisters on the prayer wall to lift you up before the throne of grace in a time of need. Our Father in heaven is no respecter of persons, He died for you and especially knew you in your mother’s womb. Aisha, my heart pours out to you today and all your sisters in similar circumstances. It is hard to be a woman in a man’s world. But remember the Lord had very unique women of low degree in His line of ancestry.

kathleen caswell

Sisters, I pray that our

Sisters, I pray that our great and merciful God heals your heart and draws you closer to him in your time of need. May he lift you up and fill you with the Holy Spirit, and may your example draw others to Christ. Amen.


Dear Heavenly Father, please surround

Dear Heavenly Father, please surround our precious sisters in Christ who are suffering today. Lord Jesus, be with their hearts as they suffer in the way You suffered for us all. Fill them with faith. Let them know that You are SO close. Remind them of the reward that awaits them because of their Love for You. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

David F.

I will pray silently for

I will pray silently for all people who are victims from evil people of the world.


FATHER GOD I come to

FATHER GOD I come to YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS and I ask you to keep these woman who would or have believed on JESUS as there saviour safe from all harm especially rape and I also ask that YOU would heal all who have been and let them know how YOU do Love them and to keep the enemy at bay for them and please let them to go on strong in YOU walking not as carnal but in the SPIRIT and may you get all the glory in JESUS NAME AMEN

Dave wilson

Lord God All Mighty, we

Lord God All Mighty, we pray in Jesus name that your presence and power would uphold and sustain the faith of every woman who suffers for the gospel. We pray you will deliver them from the violence of evil men, we pray your angels will build a wall of protection around them, we pray you will defeat the enemies that would destroy them. Have mercy oh Lord, come quickly – thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Convict sinners of their wickedness, send strong convictions & fear of hell.


Jesus, we pray for our

Jesus, we pray for our sisters in Christ around he world, who have often suffered so deeply. Please begin a deep healing work in their hearts. You are the One who binds up the broken-hearted. Please come and bind up their broken hearts. Heal their memories, their trauma, and their fears.

We pray that what the Enemy had planned for evil, You will turn for good. Please protect our sisters. Cover them from those who would plan to harm them. Let them know Your perfect love that casts out fear.


I pray God will remind

I pray God will remind my sisters in Christ that are persecuted how much He Loves them and how precious they are. I pray for those that are widowed. I pray that people will come around them and show them love comfort, and caring. That they won’t feel alone. That their faith will remain strong. I pray that Jesus will Bless them with Peace, Strength and Hope.

Tara A

My sisters, I lift you

My sisters, I lift you up to the Lord, who made each one of you unique, beautiful, and adored in His sight. May He let you feel His love, strength, compassion, and mercy in every moment in your lives, especially those moments of great discouragement and uncertainty. No matter what you face, He is with you, and He is for you, and with the Almighty on your side, you are more than conquerors, and so very, very loved and cherished, in this life and the next. Blessings be to you always!


May our LORD protect you

May our LORD protect you and give you His all surpassing peace which will guard your mind and heart. May His angels protect you continually.


Praying for you sisters that

Praying for you sisters that your faith in Jesus be made strong and that you experience him caring for you even when times are hard and discouraging. Know that the Lord sees you, and loves you. I pray that his angels surround you and that you continue to look to the Lord for strength.