Pledge to Stand with Women in Christ

In many World Watch List countries, Christian women are doubly vulnerable to persecution both for their gender and their faith. A woman’s lack of voice and economic resources in her family and community stops many from reporting discrimination or even physical violence. We are asking Christian women to invite their female friends, Bible studies, or other women's groups to join together to pray for the persecuted church. For more information, please visit To let women of the persecuted church know you stand with them, please upload a picture of yourself or your group and share a prayer below.

"And when I went home, I spoke to my other (spiritual) sisters, who had the same experience, and they too received peace of mind. God has promised that one day He will wipe away all our tears … all the pain and worries we have faced."

Abuse survivor in Open Doors program

Share your prayers below—and be encouraged by the prayers of others.

Silent Shame

Throughout the world, Christian girls and women are targeted by extremists and often persecuted by their own families and communities. In Nigeria, Islamic extremists abduct, rape and enslave Christian women and girls. In India, women who leave Hinduism to follow Jesus are subjected to molestation, rape, physical and verbal abuse, attempted murder, forced participation in Hindu rituals, isolation and expulsion from their home/village. And in south Asia and the Middle East, Christian women and girls are kidnapped and sometimes forced to marry Muslim men—in an attempt to convert them to Islam.

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Gracious and loving Father,You are

Gracious and loving Father,
You are pure and just and perfect and all good things come from your hand. Thank you Father, for the love being manifested toward my sisters in Christ. I rejoice in you that you are doing a great work in and through them. I pray that you will continue to be merciful to them and to smile on them so that they will be lifted the higher in you
In Jesus’ name, amen

Lenora McWhorter

Father, thank you that you

Father, thank you that you are the great comforter. You are the Prince of Peace. You are our firm foundation in whom we will put all our trust. Jesus, remind these women that you are for them. Remind them everyday that you are their Father, and no matter what they’re facing they can trust the promise that you will never leave them or forsake them. Bring peace of mind to them in a deeper way. Holy Spirit, the great comforter, surround them at all times. In Jesus name, Amen.

Rachel & Samuel

May Jesus protect persecution of

May Jesus protect persecution of females,watch over ,give strength and help them to overcome ,lean on Christ ,and send Bible’s and salvation to the Nigerian government for salvation and change laws in Jesus name amen


Remember all you have to

Remember all you have to say is NO Satan!

wait an see who is quivering with fear.

I love you

Carey Bucci

Dear God & Father:I pray

Dear God & Father:

I pray for women throughout the persecuted Church: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they be & stay strong in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ. Bring the men around them, especially husbands & fathers, to repentance in faith. May these women be treated with love, respected & dignity that is the right of every woman and not as second-class citizens. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Lisa D.

Dear Sisters,Someday we will stand

Dear Sisters,

Someday we will stand with our risen Lord and see Him face to face. What a joy that will be! Until then, I will pray for you, women that Jesus sees and loves. I pray for your comfort, your healing, your reliance on the Lord each day. He has promised His Spirit is always with us. Together in prayer, we are not alone.


Hello my sisters in Christ!

Hello my sisters in Christ! Today I fought a battle against shame in regards to how I look as compared to what our American society says is beautiful. Our heavenly Father reminded me that I am a fearfully and wonderfully made woman of God and there is no shame in His creation. Psalm 139:14 ‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ‘ Sweet sisters, my prayer is that we all walk in this Truth and not believe Satan’s lies! Big Hugs!


Hello my Christian sisters! Today,

Hello my Christian sisters! Today, in America, we celebrated Memorial Day which is a day we set aside to remember all of the soldiers who lost their lives in war defending our country. Today I am remembering you as well for your daily, courageous battle in our war against Satan. Thank you so much for persevering! It is an honor to serve alongside you! Big hugs!


My sisters in Christ, I

My sisters in Christ, I am praying Deuteronomy 31:6 over you: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Big hugs!


Heavenly Father, I lift up

Heavenly Father,
I lift up my sisters in Christ and pray for them. I pray that through them Christ will be seen and those that subjugate them will be won over to Christ. Remember them Lord, like you did in the lady witnesses at the foot of the cross. Jesus comforted Mary and sent her out to the brethren, you are sending these precious diamonds out. Send them your strength, your love, your comfort, and your power – that your glory will be revealed through them.
In Jesus Name – all love to you!

SC Mace

Gracious Heavenly Father, I lift

Gracious Heavenly Father, I lift my persecuted sisters to You knowing that You are all powerful and all loving. I ask that You heal and comfort their hearts, strengthen them and reveal Your love for them. I pray that they may know You, oh Lord, and that You may be more real to them than what they can even see. I ask that you free and deliver them from all fear and help them stand in holy boldness because they know that You stand with them and we as the body do too. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


Praying for all the girls

Praying for all the girls and women, for healing of wounds, for wearing scars proudly, for reconciliation with families and for political leaders to actively respect Christians.

Jennifer Simpson

O Father God,Please wrap Your

O Father God,
Please wrap Your arms of love around these women, my sisters in You, who are hurting so and hold them close to Your heart. Help them to know concretely that You love them and will never leave them. Deliver them from the will of their enemies and help their faith not to fail. Heal them, dear Father, in body, mind and spirit and bring forth those who will reach out to them and minister to them so that they can move forward again. Bring them the comfort that only You can give.


Lord God for the women

Lord God for the women of this world who have experienced unfathomable pain. Lord be Grace to them, carry their pain and replace it with joy in today. Lord bless them with Your Love, be balm to their hurts and help them to live, replace their sorrow with delight. Lord God be their strength in oppression. Lord protect them from bitterness, from hardness. Lord give them life today. Lord for wounded women, give them eyes to see your love. Lord love them, your love is beyond.


Heavenly Father, I pray for

Heavenly Father, I pray for my sister’s protection, that they may be shielded from the enemy and find peace and love in your mighty arms. I pray that they find refuge in our Good Shepherd and know that you are a very present help in trouble. Sisters, I pray that you are strengthened! – do not be moved for the power of the Holy Spirit is with you. In Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen. Sisters, I love you! Endure to the end for eternity with Christ is worth everything. See you in Heaven!


Father in heaven, I come

Father in heaven, I come to you in Jesus’ name asking for protection, restoration, provision and peace for my sisters in Christ around the world. Father God, may your light shine so brightly in them that the very people persecuting them will see Jesus and come to repentance and know true salvation and your love.
In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Belinda Adkins

God, be with my sisters.

God, be with my sisters. Let them feel your presence, give them your peace. End their persecution. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


I thank God for all

I thank God for all my Sisters In Christ around the world. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God Your Father!! You are His Child and He loves you so much and created you for His glory and purpose. My heart breaks for what you are going through. I pray God our provider becomes what you each need and applies Himself to you. I pray He goes before you and is your rear guard. I pray Jesus, our Prince of Peace will rule in your heart and mind. Keep pressing on in Christ!! Much love!!

Holly Miller

Dearest Lord Jesus. I

Dearest Lord Jesus. I come to you tonight on behalf of my sisters in Christ around the world. I ask Lord that you remind them through these words that they have not been forgotten. I ask Lord that you remind them that You know their deeds, their toil and their perseverance. I ask Lord that you remind them You are in control of all things and that even in their afflictions and persecutions that You are with them. I ask that you strengthen them tonight. In Jesus name. Amen

Justin H

My sisters in Christ,I am

My sisters in Christ,
I am praying for you that you that you will be comforted by the our Lord and Savior. You are tha apple of his eye. ” In the secret place of His tent He will hide me.; He will lift me up on a rock.”
Psalm 27


Father God be with all

Father God be with all my Sister’s and give them srength to stand strong and bold for you. I plead the blood the blood of JESUS upon my sister’s and i pray that no weapon formed against them shall prosper in Jesus name Amen. Love sister Yvonne.


Aisha I want you to

Aisha I want you to know that you’re not alone, we do not have a high priest who is not touch by our infirmities. For every pain, every agony and suffering Jesus felt it all, he is with you and for you. You’re not alone dear sister you have us too….
Be encouraged, stay strengthen and I pray that the Holy Spirit will always shield you from internal pains and sufferings, he will protect you from being harm physically, I pray he will always make a way of escape for you.

Elisha Musa

To be closer to God!

To be closer to God!


I pray that God gives

I pray that God gives you the strength,love,hope and peace that you need in Jesus name I pray amen! You women and all of you have my heart and love, you are not forgotten or alone.

Kayla brown

dear sisters,I PRAY THAT HIS

dear sisters,

I PRAY THAT HIS spirit makes HIMSELF KNOWN and felt to all those around you. i pray for HIS peace and supernatural comfort to flood through whatever hardships you are facing and that your faith is strengthened. I lift you up and pray that he imprints on your hearts and minds how deeply loved you are by Him regardless of all life’s circumstances. and I PRAY that the Church is moved to pray, act in HIS will on your behalf.


God save your Kabul

God save your Kabul afg


To my Sisters in Christ,

To my Sisters in Christ,

Never forget that we are in this together. You have a sister who is praying for you daily. I love you so much and I would give anything to hug you in person, but for now, I will hold you in my prayers. Reading about the strength that you have in your faith inspires me to continue to grow and strengthen my own faith. I myself, have experienced persecution for my faith in Jesus Christ so I want you to know that you will never be alone. I love you so much.

Jurnee Armstrong

Father, your word tells us

Father, your word tells us that you are distressed when your people are distressed. Please Father, send the angle of your presence to save our sisters. In your love, redeem them. Lift them up and carry them. Please be their strength and their shield and give your angles charge over them, to guard them in all of their ways. I pray, Father that they will trust and not be afraid for you are their strength and defense. Thank you Father. I’m Jesus mighty name. Amen


Dear Sisters in Christ. My

Dear Sisters in Christ. My prayer for you today is that God would hold you close. Giving you the strength to stand strong and bold for Christ. May Christ’s light rise up in you that others will see and there hearts too would be changed. May you experience for yourself the height and depth of God’s Love for you and be strengthened. I pray that the Spirit will help me to pray for you daily.

Eleanor Cockrell

Father God, thank you so

Father God, thank you so much for all of my persecuted brethen around the world. I love you all so much. I respect you all so much. Continue to give them your Holy Spirit and that others will see the light of you through them. Bless them and protect them. Continue to give them strength, endurance, and peace. continue to hold them in your loving arms. In Jesus name, Amen.


Praying for strength to wake

Praying for strength to wake up daily and do what’s set before you. Praying for exceeding joy and peace that is unexplainable amidst any brokenness and pain. Praying for healing and restoration from the injustices faced. Praying that you feel the presence of Jesus so clear and so sweet.


To my precious sisters in

To my precious sisters in Christ, In the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ I thank you that you care for us more than a sparrow, you hear our prayers and you answer. Father I pray for healing of the heart, spirit, mind and soul of my sisters. Give them the resilience to hold on to their faith because what they believe in is true. Give them love to share your word with other sisters, strengthen their faith to persevere, courage to believe in you and hope for everlasting life with you in heaven.


Praying that all my sisters-in

Praying that all my sisters-in Christ will be strengthened by God’s supernatural grace in times of tribulation and sorrow. When you are weak God will be strong in you and empower you to do the impossible. Stand strong and courageous knowing that Jesus is always with you and will never abandon you in your time of need. Know also that we your sisters and brothers throughout the world stand with you and hold you up to God in prayer daily for you are so loved and precious to Him.

Susan Englund

Even as you my sisters

Even as you my sisters are being doubly prosecuted for your gender and faith, may the faithful Lord keep you steadfast in all the trials and tribulations you pass through daily. May his loving banner over you be your encouragement always. God protect and provide for you. Keep the faith.

Flora Akinbo

Let’s agree in prayer sisters

Let’s agree in prayer sisters in Christ, that the awesome love of our Savior fills us to overflowing. And that we have refuge under His wings. May our Father give us strength to continue in love and His shield to protect us in Jesus mighty name. Amen


I earnestly pray that the

I earnestly pray that the more they face persecution, the more the love of Christ that pass all understanding flows continuously in their hearts, their gaze on Christ be more steadfast ,I pray that their strength increase, and they cling to Jesus to the end of their life.

Mrs. Victor Olutayo

Precious sisters, You are greatly

Precious sisters,
You are greatly loved. May the Lord strengthen, comfort and encourage you. We are more than conquerors through Christ. We can do all things through him and in his strength!
Thank you for your faithful witness.

Barbara Cox

Father, I thank you that

Father, I thank you that we are all one in Christ Jesus. I pray for my sisters who are being persecuted for Your name’s sake that You will comfort and uphold them in whatever situations they are in. That they will be strengthened by Your word which says ‘You will never leave us or forsake us’, that they will have a deep sense of Your presence with them. Help them Father to hold on in Your strength alone, in jesus’s name I pray. Kathleen kemp

Kathleen kemp

Wherefore I put thee in

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.
— 2 Timothy 1:6 When your “fire” is at a low burn or close to going out, it’s time for you to take Paul’s words to heart “to stir up” the gift of God that is inside you. I pray that you will be reconnected to the supernatural power of God and be provided with a weapon that would consume your spiritual adversaries so that you will once again become a bright light for Christ.


Father God,We pray for your

Father God,

We pray for your overwhelming peace and love to fill these women with hope. May you shield them with a blanket of comfort during times of trouble and loneliness—give them encouragement knowing that you will never leave us nor forsake us (Deut. 31:8). Praying that your grace would abound, and justice to prevail.

In your precious name we pray,


Thank You LORD JESUS for

Thank You LORD JESUS for our brothers and sisters around the world. May they always know that they do not walk alone with Christ. Nothing can separate them from Your Love. May they continue in their hope in You. Heal them, o GOD. PLEASE provide for them, as You promised. May they know how mych they mean to You through JESUS CHRIST. GOD BLESS.


Lord, strengthen this woman on

Lord, strengthen this woman on this very day. May she know that you know all her tears and fears. Encourage her to believe in your promises. In Jesus name, we pray!

Carla Bettina Flor de Carvalho

Dear Father in heaven, We

Dear Father in heaven, We lift these dear sisters in Christ before your throne. We ask that you will give them strong faith in you. Encourage and strengthen them every day. Provide for them and their children. Give them skills so they can support themselves and their families. Bring them together to worship you as sisters in the Lord. Protect them from all evil. We praise you God for what you will do in each of their lives. In the precious name of Jesus Amen.


Father, I thank You for

Father, I thank You for delivering me from darkness and the enslaving bondage of sin. Thank-you Jesus for suffering my shame and sin burden of the cross. We praise God for forgiveness and for the blessed hope of seeing our resurrected, risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank-you for the promise of eternal life and for new, glorified bodies made like Jesus’ glorified body.

Neil Martin

Dear Heavenly FatherWe praise your

Dear Heavenly Father
We praise your Holy Name. We ask that you would have compassion and come to the aid of all those suffering for your Name, especially women. They are so vulnerable. Strenghen them and encourage them to stand strong in the strengh of Your Word and Spirit. Bless them abundantly, oh Lord, I pray. In Jesus name, Amen.

LIllian Nikkel

Rom 12:9Let love be without

Rom 12:9
Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.
Rom 12:10
Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

God hears and knows and will answer us Rom 12:11

Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope patient in tribulation oh God help us in this and all our work today and let us say Amen

pamela weinstein

I pray with you and

I pray with you and for you,
asking that our wonderful
Savior, Christ Jesus will protect
you from all evil and violence.
May he give you strength and
comfort and hope and love.
In His precious and powerful
name, Amen


LORD Jesus, we praise

LORD Jesus, we praise You for Your Word that promises that You will move powerfully on behalf of the afflicted. Psalm 94 9 – 10 “He who planted the ear, does He not hear?He who formed the eye, does He not see?He who chastens the nations, will He not rebuke,Even He who teaches man knowledge?”
So we thank you that You are not deaf or blind or uncaring to all that has happened to our precious sisters & children. We trust that as we pray & help that You are moving to heal, to restore, save. Amen.

Helen Gichuhi

LORD, thank YOU for this

LORD, thank YOU for this opportunity to identify with our persecuted sisters. I pray YOUR boundless peace upon them, shield their faith in YOU, strengthen their hearts through the power of The Holy Spirit. Grant them a special revelation of YOU, baptise them with the anointing to prevail in all circumstances. Above all, grant them grace to forgive their persecutors, renew their hope through the power of The Gospel and help them remain firm to the end in Jesus’ name. AMEN!


I hope that today on

I hope that today on this day that God will never give up on you for he is always watching and listening us. Helping us through our lives for the betterment of not just ourselves but for everyone around us. For he knows our struggles, so he gives us the power to stand up and rise against those who would do us harm. Amen

SaQuan Ellison

May the Lord continue to

May the Lord continue to sustain all my fellow Christian woman who are going through tough times because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Receive the grace to move on in Jesus name. Amen.

Ladeji Bridget

Almighty Sovereign Lord;Today we praise

Almighty Sovereign Lord;
Today we praise you, we honour you and we worship you.
You are the God of love, mercy compassion and forgiveness.
Because of who you are we are forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Lord, we thank you for the previllege of coming into your presence.
Almighty God, we present all of our beloved sisters of the Persecuted Church to you.
May you continue to guide, protect, provide and watch over them and their families todays in Jesus name. Amen!

Oswald Cephas

These things I have spoken

These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 NASB
My live and prayers are with you


Oh Father, we are one

Oh Father, we are one because we are all covered by the blood of Jesus. I lift up my sisters in Christ. I pray that they will know You deeply, worship with abandon and have the same relief from emotional pain, anxiety, fear and heartache by readings and hearing your Word. Protect us all in Jesus’ name. Monica

Monica Layne

Heavenly Father, I thank You

Heavenly Father, I thank You for our dear sister, Aisha. I thank You for all those who are praying for her and her family.
Aisha, I’ve been praying for you everyday since first hearing about your suffering. Jesus loves you with so much love and He is your strength. Even though we’ve never met you, your Church family loves you, too.
In Jesus name we pray for healing for Aisha and her family. Lord Jesus fill her with peace, comfort her heart and heal her hurts as only You can. Amen

Jacque Hinde

Dear Lord, please bring peace,

Dear Lord, please bring peace, justice, healing, love, and provision to every daughter of yours around the world. Please use us all to advance your kingdom.
In Jesus’ name,


My dearest sisters in Christ

My dearest sisters in Christ Jesus. You are loved. You are not forgotten. I pray for God’s protection over you. I pray you know that we are standing in the gap for you. I pray the peace of God that passes all understanding be with you. We Are One in Christ Jesus. Our hearts beat as one. I pray for strength and encouragement. I pray the Holy Spirit fall on you and give you renewed strength. 1st Peter 5:7 he careth for you. In Jesus name May blessings pour out from heaven. You are loved.


GOD bless you my sisters

GOD bless you my sisters in Christ and daughters of the Most High God.
Be strong oh daughters of Zion.
God loves you and we love you.
His Strength will guide you
His Grace will sustain you
His Power will defend you
His Glory will overshadow you
His Light will lead you
His Word will strengthen you
His Spirit will fortify you
His Angels will surround you
You are loved my beloved.
Continue to lean on His everlasting arms.
They will uphold you through every trial.
Be strong in the Lord


I praise You, O, God,

I praise You, O, God, because You are able to make Your grace abound toward Your people above and beyond anything we deserve. You are our Fortress, a very present help in time of trouble. You are our Hiding Place, our Sanctuary. You are good and kind and merciful. I ask, O, God, that You bring peace to the hearts and minds of my sisters and brothers in Christ who may, even now as I pray…be suffering for Your name. Give us strength and courage to weather the storm, to be able to stand.

Donna Helms

I come to my Heavenly

I come to my Heavenly Father and I pray in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior. I pray for these women who are suffering just because they are women, and because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I pray that they will be protected and that they will remain strong knowing that you, Lord Jesus love them with an everlasting love. I pray that You oh Lord will bring encouragement to them. The Bible says that some day every knee will bow to You.

Gloria Nichols

Father, When I close this

When I close this browser window, the trauma, the story, the fear, and the difficulty involved with the persecution of women across the world leaves my eyes. But it doesn’t leave your heart. It doesn’t leave your sight because nothing escapes your sight. I pray that those that experience these impossible circumstances can cling to you. Cling to your word, your spirit, your name Jesus. In you all things are possible, we are provided for. Your name be praised. I glorify you.

TJ Wells

In the name of The

In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.l pray that you, Our Precious Lord protect and keep the Women safe, and take care of their needs,and keep them in your Peace, which is Holy.They need you and l know they love you, and like you say, Seek my Face and l will heal your land, you are The Eternal Most Holy of Holies, and Lord of all Worlds.Give us your Grace my Lord, so that we may prosper and become one with your Holy Spirit.In Jesus Name We Pray,Amen and Amen…

Felix Rosario

God Almighty you have given

God Almighty you have given us your Spirit to comfort, heal, rebuild and guide. Spirit fall fresh on these women that they will experience the Prince of Peace as He walks with them. Give them a crown of beauty, the oil of gladness and garments of praise for the display of God’s splendor. God bless them, protect them, shine your face on them and grant them your peace. Amen




Christina Stimson, M.D.

Dear Father, please bless my

Dear Father, please bless my beloved sisters in Christ who are struggling under the burden of heavy persecution because of their love for Jesus. Please, dear Lord, give them courage, strength, and a double portion of your mighty Holy Spirit to lead and guide them. Surround them with your love everyday, and let angels guard their every step. Father, please use these women as conduits for your divine grace in their families and communities. Lord, please let your will be done. Amen.

Mrs. Sarah Skilling

Thank you Heavenly Father that

Thank you Heavenly Father that we know that you keep your promises. A God that never lies because you are not man. Thank you so much Father Abba, that through the blood and name of Jesus Christ your son our Savior. You have bought us with His blood. And there isn’t anything or anyone that can separate us from your love. I pray your Holy Ghost will continue to empower every man, woman, boy and girl will be covered under the mighty hand and the blood of Jesus our Lord. Comfort all your dear ones.


May the God of all

May the God of all comfort bring comfort to you. Your courage and faith is an inspiration. May you be encouraged by the prayers of many around the world on your behalf.


Heavenly Father,Please pour out your

Heavenly Father,

Please pour out your mercies on my sisters in Christ who are suffering because of the physical attacks forced upon them.

Provide for them and their children. Heal them.
Comfort their hearts with your love and peace.
Protect them for further harm.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Sandy Curnutt

Dear Lord, You love each

Dear Lord,
You love each lady across the globe. And I know you hear their cries! Lord help us do a better job of reaching them for Jesus. But today would you please put a special hedge of protection around them. Would you bind the adversary. Father, will you show mercy to them in a way that they would know it was from above. Give special strength and resilience to them.


My prayer comes from God’s

My prayer comes from God’s word –

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for The Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” Deuteronomy 31:6

Father, I lift up your word on behalf of my persecuted sisters in Christ and claim strength and courage for them in each of their circumstances. May they feel your divine presence and be encouraged. In Jesus name, Amen


Dear God, we praise you

Dear God, we praise you because we know that you are The God Who Sees! Like you did for Hagar in her most desperate moment, make yourself so apparent to these women enduring intense persecution and abuse. Be near!


Dear Father, remember my sisters.

Dear Father, remember my sisters. You know them, what they’ve gone through, the external and internal sufferings… Thank you for never leaving nor forsaking them. I pray You give them Your comforting Presence and peace. Please guard their hearts and minds in You, Jesus Christ. I pray for strength and protection from the evil one. I pray they be held up and encouraged by the everlasting hope we have in You, Jesus Christ. Please show them more of Your great love for them! Thank You, Father. Amen


Remember who you are in

Remember who you are in Christ: You are a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 3:16-17), you are loved and treasured (Isaiah 43:1-4), and He will save you and your whole household (Acts 16:31). Above all, you were bought at a price, His blood on the cross, and that means that you are of extremely high worth in His eyes. And it’s His opinion that matters above all things.
Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matt 5:12)

Jason F

I pray that my sisters

I pray that my sisters in Christ would receive unlimited hope, strength and protection from the Holy Spirit in the face of the extreme persecution they face. I will stand with my sisters in Christ through prayer, remembering that it would be better for a millstone to be tied around someone’s neck and be cast into the sea than to hurt one of His little ones. May many who don’t know Christ become a follower of Jesus through the example of strength and courage shown by these Christian women.

Peggy Boss

Father I pray for my

Father I pray for my sisters in foreign countries that are being persecuted not only for their faith in Jesus but because of the way they are persecuted. Lord I Lift all of them up to you now in the name of the mighty Jesus! Give them strength, hope, perseverance, and the peace that passes all understanding. Lord I ask that your presence, your spirit would give them that Supernatural peace that only you can give. I asked for healing for each and every one! In Jesus name, Amen!

Scott Thompson

Lord Jesus-

Lord Jesus-
I thank you that women are precious to you and part of the Body of Christ. You see their suffering and pain and it says in your Word that you collect those tears. They are precious to you.
We pray for our suffering sisters that they would experience relief and peace. We ask that you would show yourself close to them and be their rescuer. Thank you for your care for them.


May The Lord bless you

May The Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. My He lift up His countenance upon you and give you His peace. In the name of His beloved Son, Our beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

Alan Thirsk

Lord I pray for complete

Lord I pray for complete wholeness, and restoration for all of these woman in central Africa who have faced these horrible atrocities. Lord give them back 100 fold what the ravens have stole. I pray for healing and transformation for these woman. That they would be transformed through the love of Christ and into the image of Christ.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Luke Devos

O LORD God, thank You

O LORD God, thank You for these women around the world who are Your servants and my sisters in Christ. You know the depth and extant of their suffering. I lift them up to You. When they feel they can’t go on, please surround them with Your Love and Power. May they know that at each step You are there. Please heal them from the trauma they have suffered; please provide for every need (spiritual, mental, physical, material); please make something beautiful of their lives. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Father, I pray for my

Father, I pray for my sisters who are being persecuted. May You comfort them and strengthen them. You are good and You are in control, always. Father, bless these women who stand unashamed of the gospel and continue to glorify Your Name. Thank You so much, my God, for hearing us and for carrying us. Please, be with my sisters and brothers who are persecuted for their faith, in the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

America Hernandez

My dear sister, I live

My dear sister, I live in a country far from yours but distance cannot divide us because we are one in Christ. Please know that you are loved and prayed for – you and your family.
Stay strong, sister. Earth is not our final home. We are only passing through. One day Jesus will come to take us to our real Home with Him in heaven forever and ever.
Meanwhile, just as Jesus, for the joy before Him, endured the cross, may you, for the joy that awaits you, endure your cross. Love in Christ.

Ursula French

Holy God, our Father, we

Holy God, our Father, we worship You. You alone are above all and You alone hold all things together.
Thank You for Your love and kindness. Thank You for Your mercy and grace.
Thank You for my dear precious sisters in Christ all over the world.
Lord, I pray that You would strengthen them and help them. Father, take away all the lies of the enemy. May they know of their great worthy and value in Your eyes and You call them Your Beloved.
Thank You for Your unending and overflowing love. In Jes


Father in the name of

Father in the name of Jesus l pray for my Christian sisters who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ. Lord strengthen your daughters. Fill their hearts with faith,hope and peace. Wrap your loving arms around them and let them be assured of your love.Give them the grace to continue to serve you above all odds.Make a way of escape for them.May they never give up.May they never lose hope in Jesus name.

Obia Membere-otaji

May the God of Truth

May the God of Truth and Wisdom encourage girls and women to know that HE stands with and in you. I pray that you will know of His presence in joy and sorrow. May your faith be renewed day be day as you trust His faithfulness. What a joy and peace to know the God of truth that He will never leave or forsake us. I too praise Him as a single woman for His comfort and provider. I pray this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Joyce Nelson

Gracious Father, give these women

Gracious Father, give these women and girls your peace, strength and comfort as a shield from the persecution they suffer for Your name. Give them the assurance of how precious they are to You, and the certain knowledge that they are all daughters of the Most High King. Wipe away their tears and give them the joy in knowing your love. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and the prayers of others, as we interceded on behalf of our sisters. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN


Father in heaven,You are holy

Father in heaven,
You are holy and faithful and true! Thank You for my sisters in Christ and their love for You. They are such an example to me. Please comfort and encourage them. Protect them…provide for them…heal them…bless them…use them for Your glory! Give them an overwhelming sense of Your presence.Touch them with Your love. Bring to mind scriptures that would expose the lies of the enemy. Nourish their souls. Anoint them with power and wisdom, as they seek to live for You! Amen


Oh my God. My Father,

Oh my God. My Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, give a realization of the living hope and faith these persecuted families can cling to, drawing their worth and confidence in You above everything else. Do this for me as well, for there are times in my life I don’t believe the truth You so freely give. Jesus did not stay dead, His body was resurrected!! Faith is the assurance in things hoped for and conviction of things not yet seen. In the name of Jesus, do these things! To You be the glory!


Oh my beloved Jesus. Give

Oh my beloved Jesus. Give strength and courage to your children who are persecuted for their faith. Oh, Prince of peace grant them peace. Oh light of the world save them from darkness. Let our spirit intercede.

Alensandra Prakash

Heavenly Father, please bless

Heavenly Father, please bless these children and sisters as they go about their daily lives, Lord empower them so that they can be effective witnesses of Jesus so that God is glorified in their lives and the people around them. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

biju varghese

Dear Father, Please strengthen, protect,

Dear Father, Please strengthen, protect, and provide for Christian women around the world! Comfort them with Your loving embrace; surround them with Your grace and peace. May their inspiring faith amidst persecution lead many others to knowledge of Your mercy. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


I pray for you every

I pray for you every single day, so that the Holy Spirit May strengthen you and embrace you with God’s love! You are not alone! There is a multitude of Christians interceding for you. Keep strong! Our salvation is near!
With love,
Jane Crivella (Brazil)

Jane Crivella

Father God may your mighty

Father God may your mighty hand protect my sister! May you cover her and provide all she needs in Jesus mighty name Amen.


Father God, thank you that

Father God, thank you that we can be aware of how your universal church is hurting. Help us to lift one another up in prayer. I pray for these women, who are vulnerable because of their gender in the countries they live. I pray that they would experience your peace. “Blessed are they who are persecuted for my sake.” They are receiving a blessing for what you have called them to. Give them perseverance and confidence in You. Would they be a light to their families and the world around them. Amen!


Heavenly Father have mercy on

Heavenly Father have mercy on your precious daughters. Bless them for your name sake. Give them strength to endure their troubles. Let them know you love them, and will reward them. Help them to keep the Faith and endure to receive their rewards. In Jesus name we ask. Amen

Curtis Coleman

Heavenly Father,Please be with believing

Heavenly Father,

Please be with believing girls and women around the world who are being targeted, persecuted, and suffering in terrible ways. In the midst of their brokenness, may they know your presence and your grace. May they know that in every situation, you can prove and continue to show your love to them. Please deliver, protect, and transform them, O Lord, with the gift of faith, and ongoing faith, in your Son, Jesus Christ. In His holy name. Amen.


Dear God,I pray on behalf

Dear God,

I pray on behalf of all the persecuted believers fighting for your name. Please help the women especially who are being persecuted because there are a lot of women who don’t get violently harmed, but they are harmed on the inside. Those wounds can not be healed. Help them to stand up for themselves and to not back down from what they believe. Give them strength today and always.


I pray for you that

I pray for you that you will be protected by God’s mighty hand. I pray that you will grow in Christ, and that you and your children, if you have children will be taken care of, having food, water, clothing, shelter. I hope to meet you in heaven some day.


Dear Brother and Sister in

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, You are in my prayers and on my heart. I cannot imagine the suffering you are going through for believing in Jesus. Heavenly Father, please protect my brother, my sister as they struggle against powers and forces they cannot see. The only hope they have is in You, Lord. Protect them, release them from prison, but in all this, help them to see that they are truly and forever free in You. As they are imprisoned help them to be shining lights. Amen

Anita Moore

Father God, You are powerful.

Father God, You are powerful. I ask that you will strengthen my sisters is Christ and show them that that even in the worst circumstances You are with us and You love us. Even as You were dying on the cross You loved us. Protect my sisters, and give them strength.




LORD GOD GRACIOUS CREATOR; REDEEMER, SAVIOR, PLEASE COME NEAR US HEAVENLY FATHER TO SHOW US YOUR LOVE because sometime it hurts so much and we feel so small and dirty…. Forgive me please FATHER when I get discouraged And remind me how JESUS CHRIST THE ONLY MEDIATOR BETWEEN MAN AND THE LIVING LORD has washed us of all our transgressions and sin And how Greater is He who is in you Than he who is in the world. Be w/ my sisters too to give us Thy HOLY SPIRIT and courage so we may HEAR your Voice ♥

A blessed by struggling sister of HIM

O Jehovah God our Heavenly

O Jehovah God our Heavenly Father we ask that you lay your Blessed Hands upon our dear mothers for Your blessing and care protect them from the hands of the evil people and secure their lives we ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen Amen and Amen


Aisha, I have personally written

Aisha, I have personally written you before, but now I am joining other brother and sisters on the prayer wall to lift you up before the throne of grace in a time of need. Our Father in heaven is no respecter of persons, He died for you and especially knew you in your mother’s womb. Aisha, my heart pours out to you today and all your sisters in similar circumstances. It is hard to be a woman in a man’s world. But remember the Lord had very unique women of low degree in His line of ancestry.

kathleen caswell

Sisters, I pray that our

Sisters, I pray that our great and merciful God heals your heart and draws you closer to him in your time of need. May he lift you up and fill you with the Holy Spirit, and may your example draw others to Christ. Amen.


Dear Heavenly Father, please surround

Dear Heavenly Father, please surround our precious sisters in Christ who are suffering today. Lord Jesus, be with their hearts as they suffer in the way You suffered for us all. Fill them with faith. Let them know that You are SO close. Remind them of the reward that awaits them because of their Love for You. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

David F.

I will pray silently for

I will pray silently for all people who are victims from evil people of the world.


FATHER GOD I come to

FATHER GOD I come to YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS and I ask you to keep these woman who would or have believed on JESUS as there saviour safe from all harm especially rape and I also ask that YOU would heal all who have been and let them know how YOU do Love them and to keep the enemy at bay for them and please let them to go on strong in YOU walking not as carnal but in the SPIRIT and may you get all the glory in JESUS NAME AMEN

Dave wilson

Lord God All Mighty, we

Lord God All Mighty, we pray in Jesus name that your presence and power would uphold and sustain the faith of every woman who suffers for the gospel. We pray you will deliver them from the violence of evil men, we pray your angels will build a wall of protection around them, we pray you will defeat the enemies that would destroy them. Have mercy oh Lord, come quickly – thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Convict sinners of their wickedness, send strong convictions & fear of hell.


Jesus, we pray for our

Jesus, we pray for our sisters in Christ around he world, who have often suffered so deeply. Please begin a deep healing work in their hearts. You are the One who binds up the broken-hearted. Please come and bind up their broken hearts. Heal their memories, their trauma, and their fears.

We pray that what the Enemy had planned for evil, You will turn for good. Please protect our sisters. Cover them from those who would plan to harm them. Let them know Your perfect love that casts out fear.


I pray God will remind

I pray God will remind my sisters in Christ that are persecuted how much He Loves them and how precious they are. I pray for those that are widowed. I pray that people will come around them and show them love comfort, and caring. That they won’t feel alone. That their faith will remain strong. I pray that Jesus will Bless them with Peace, Strength and Hope.

Tara A

My sisters, I lift you

My sisters, I lift you up to the Lord, who made each one of you unique, beautiful, and adored in His sight. May He let you feel His love, strength, compassion, and mercy in every moment in your lives, especially those moments of great discouragement and uncertainty. No matter what you face, He is with you, and He is for you, and with the Almighty on your side, you are more than conquerors, and so very, very loved and cherished, in this life and the next. Blessings be to you always!


May our LORD protect you

May our LORD protect you and give you His all surpassing peace which will guard your mind and heart. May His angels protect you continually.


Praying for you sisters that

Praying for you sisters that your faith in Jesus be made strong and that you experience him caring for you even when times are hard and discouraging. Know that the Lord sees you, and loves you. I pray that his angels surround you and that you continue to look to the Lord for strength.