Take the Prayer Pledge in 2020

This year, we are sharpening our focus on our persecuted family to really see their suffering.

But that's not all. We are committed to taking action in a bold, new way to support and strengthen our brothers and sister in the countries where it is most difficult to follow Christ. And we believe you are a vital part in this 2020 vision.

And today, with the global coronavirus pandemic, prayer for persecuted Christians and the need for church unity around the world is more critical than ever. One Church. One Family.

Pledge to pray weekly for persecuted Christians who share your faith but not your freedom.

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Now that you have taken the Prayer Pledge in 2020


Pray for presecuted Christians weekly


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Connect with the persecuted church

The Pray for the Persecuted prayer app is an easy and powerful way to stay connected to the needs and stories of persecuted Christians.

Through the app, you’ll receive detailed prayer requests from Christians in Iraq, Nigeria, Egypt, India—and all around the world—where it’s most difficult and dangerous to follow Jesus.

Quickly scroll through timely prayer requests and click the “Pray” button to let persecuted Christians know you’re standing with them.

And you can always share the prayer requests on social media, email or text with just one-click to help others join the prayer movement—because we are One Church, One Family.

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Download the Pray for the Persecuted App

Or text PRAYER to 32500

Message and data rates may apply.

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