Rebuilding Hope 2018 Annual Report


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In 2018, 1 in 9 Christians worldwide lived in places where they experience high levels of persecution for following Jesus.

But God is at work in the midst of these shocking numbers. He’s telling His story, and it’s one where He is making all things new.

Through your support of Open Doors in 2018, you’ve helped tell that story. Thanks to your gifts and prayers:

In 2018, we were able to help over 375,000 people with socio-economic development, meaning they were able to access support like microloans, literacy and job training, school support, emergency relief aid like food and medicine, safe houses, and community development.

Thanks to you, more than 570,000 people received discipleship training, mentoring and counseling.

And we were able to distribute more than 2 million Bibles and pieces of Christian literature.

God’s story is about believers who are unwavering in their faith and finding joy in the darkness, because following Jesus is worth it.

His story is about Christians returning to their homes in Iraq and Syria after being chased out by ISIS.

His story is about women in Nigeria who have suffered unspeakable crimes against them but are finding healing and restoration through Christian trauma counseling.

And His story is about the rapid growth of Christianity in India, even as persecution rises to meet that growth.

He’s telling the story of His family, caring for each other as brothers and sisters, telling the world that Jesus has come, risen from the dead and will one day come again to restore everything to Himself. God’s story is a radical one of hope and faith, and He has invited us—you and me—to help tell it, if we have the courage.

We are honored that God has entrusted us to help with what He’s doing around the world, and we’re honored you’ve chosen to join that mission. We believe in the hope of Christ, and know it will never fail—and we believe God has equipped Open Doors to be a ministry of that same hope.

We are present in over 60 countries—wherever Christians are suffering because they follow Jesus, we are there.

God has called us to strengthen God’s family, no matter what. Thank you for your support, for standing with believers living in places where believing in Jesus is hard. In 2018, and beyond, you have reminded your sisters and brothers they are a part of one Church—and one Family.

Thank you.


David Curry