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10 Things You Must Know About the Global War On Christianity

Throughout the world, stories are unfolding every day that national news isn’t telling and world leaders are hiding or not talking about.

In 10 Things, one of today’s leading researchers on global persecution asks the powerful question: Will you be part of that silence?

While author Johnnie Moore’s book,The Martyr’s Oath, shares vivid stories of persecuted Christians around the world, in this accompanying resource he offers 10 simple but crucial facts to help you understand what’s really happening to Christians in today’s world—and then how you can pray fervently with our brothers and sisters on the front lines. In many places like the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Christians are in a fight for their lives.

“Persecution of Christians is a human rights concern so severe that it demands much more from us [as the Body of Christ] and much more from the entire world.” –Johnnie Moore

Open Doors is excited to partner with Johnnie to bring you this helpful eBook—filled with essential facts and statistics to give you insight and a clear picture of what our brothers and sisters are facing—a picture you may not be aware of…

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