In 2016, Open Doors began an effort called Hope for the Middle East. It was our attempt to follow God’s calling to respond to the staggering violence and destruction that ISIS inflicted on believers in the Middle East, especially in Iraq in Syria.

On behalf of our Christian family in the Middle East, we’re calling on millions of believers around the world to come alongside their brothers and sisters in places like Iraq and Syria through passionate prayer.

Our request? We’re asking God to restore entire Christian communities, homes, schools, churches and ministry centers—in the wake of ISIS—and to bring back hope.

Because in Christ there is hope. Deep, abiding, beautiful hope.

We invite you to join your hearts and voices with our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters. Praying throughout these 40 days will give you a glimpse of the challenges and joys experienced by Syrian and Iraqi Christians every day. Pray for these requests, and stand in solidarity with your family of God around the world.