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We encourage you to use the following resources along with the gifts and relationships that God has given you to wake up our churches and Christians friends in the United States so that together we may strengthen what remains.

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Welcome Connectors!

Welcome Connectors!

Here are some special resources you can use along with the gifts and relationships that God has given you to share with your church, family, and friends so that we may strengthen what remains. (Rev. 3:2)

Some of the items on the list are password protected because they are only available to active Connectors. If you need help gaining access, contact us at [email protected] or contact a member of the Mobilization staff.

Connector Resources

World Watch List Booklet

Download the digital version of the 2019 World Watch List booklet on the top 50 countries where it's most dangerous to be a Christian.

Presence Magazine

This quarterly magazine will give you the latest updates, stories, prayer requests, and praise reports from the Persecuted Christians

The Ripple Effect Series

The Ripple Effect is a four-week series developed to help you learn more about Christian persecution—and to connect you to persecuted believers around the world.

Prayer Event

Download a free collection of resources to assist you in hosting a gathering called One With Them: A Prayer Event for Syria. This includes a planning guide, presentation slides, videos and more.

Letters of Encouragement

Write and send physical or digital letters of encouragement to persecuted Christians

Prayer Force Alert

The number one thing that persecuted Christians ask for is prayer. Learn more about the different ways you can pray for persecuted Christians

Prayer Partner Sign Up Sheet

Print out this simple form and encourage others to sign up to pray for the persecuted church!

Volunteer Flyer

Use this one-page flyer about volunteer opportunities with Open Doors to connect more people to the persecuted church!

Open Doors Flyer

Use this one-page flyer at your next event or activity to help create awareness about persecuted believers throughout the world.

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