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Will you use your social media accounts to help persecuted Christians?

It’s obvious that certain celebrities or public figures have “social influence.” When they share an idea, a lot of people listen.  But it’s not just celebrities. At Open Doors, we believe that ordinary people like us have equally important influence on the people in our networks.

Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors, is a great example of this. He was an ordinary man who didn’t at all expect that his life might one day influence millions. Rather, he started small when he acted to bring a small amount of Christian materials to one specific group of people who needed them. But as Andrew followed God’s promptings to care for more and more persecuted Christians he learned about, his influence grew. And his work now continues through Open Doors, which is still serving persecuted believers in 60 countries over 60 years later!

We believe God is still raising up ordinary people to help use their everyday influence to serve God’s kingdom. And you may be one of them!

We know that as you follow Jesus, you will likely choose to volunteer in a variety of ways through your church and other ministries. So we ask you to consider whether “persecution” could be one of those areas where you might commit to serve God throughout your life. We need more ordinary people like you to join us in being the Brother Andrews of this generation by using your social media accounts to share what God is doing in and through persecuted Christians around the globe.

When you volunteer to become an Influencer, we commit to provide you the stories, prayer requests, resources and opportunities needed to bring your friends and followers into the conversation about persecuted Christians.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Monthly email: These will briefly share Open Doors’ monthly focus and provide simple ways you can get involved and share with your networks.
  • Text message updates: You will receive one text update per week that invites you to join in praying and inviting others to support persecuted Christians.
  • Facebook Group: An invitation to join our FB Group where you can connect with other Influencers, but also where we can send you information, words of encouragement and resources to share.
  • At Open Doors, we consider you—and every other person who volunteers to support persecuted Christians—as a part of our team. We could not serve Christian communities in over 60 countries around the world without your help.

Sign up to be an Influencer

  • When you submit this form, we will also share exclusive updates and prayer needs from persecuted Christians so you can join us in supporting our brothers and sisters living in the world's most hostile regions.


Letter Writing

Open Doors Video Library — A collection of videos that highlight our work with persecuted Christians in the world’s most hostile regions. Idea: as you find one that stirs your heart share it with your followers and invite them to join you in praying and supporting persecuted Christians.

Open Doors World Watch List — The most comprehensive, authoritative report of the top 50 countries where Christian persecution is most severe. Idea: highlight a country each week and invite people to pray with you

Standing Strong Through the Storm Devotional – sign up to receive this daily devotional and allow the stories and lessons from our persecuted brothers and sisters inspire you and share what you learn with others.

Curriculum Studies

Ripple Effect Resources — A free interactive study that helps individuals and groups discover how they can take actions that create a ripple effect of support for the persecuted church.

Dangerous Faith — This series of videos explores the dangerous faith of the first century church and that of persecuted Christians today.