Central Asia

Write A Note Of Encouragement To Christians In Central Asia

Christians in Central Asia need your encouragement, as they are facing persecution in multiple forms. In some countries, Christian services are monitored or denied access to meet. Unregistered house churches can be raided and congregants can be fined up to the equivalent of 2 years’ salary. New converts can face beatings and death threats from family members. Christians can be discriminated against in school, work and other areas of society.

Many of these former Soviet Union states have seen a drastic increase in persecution. Join with us in offering a note of encouragement to these believers who endure so much.


  • Do not mention Open Doors in your message
  • Your salutation should read: “Dear Friend”
  • Be encouraging – keep the message to no more than 200 words and include 1 – 2 Bible verses if you are led