Thank you for your support and generous donations

Rebuilding homes ... and lives in the Middle East


Raised for Christians in the Middle East


Families Supported for a Year

We told you how your brothers and sisters in the Middle East need help rebuilding their homes, hearts and lives that were destroyed by conflict and violence. And you answered! Thanks to your help, Christian communities and threatened churches in places like Iraq and Syria will receiving ongoing support like:


Your help provides things like:

A fish farm that helps Farydoun and his family stand firm for Jesus

Training and support for Yousif as he works to help youth in the Middle East follow Jesus, no matter what

A pharmacy that helps believers like Shadia find some income to support them and their families

A Center of Hope, a Christian community center that provides help, support, discipleship and relief to people of all ages

And so much more.

If you didn’t have the chance to give, we still thank you for your prayers for persecuted believers! Also, the invitation to give a gift to your suffering brothers and sisters in Christ is always open. You can donate here!