Send encouragement to Marta, your sister in Ethiopia

Dear Friends,

Marta* was only a child when her family agreed to give her to the local witch doctor as a servant and wife. Although we don’t know all the details of her suffering as she grew up in his house, we know she endured significant abuse. We also know that God was working in Marta’s pain. Secretly, a family member was sharing the gospel with her. While she was a slave, Marta came to faith—following Christ in secret.

When she was in her mid-teens, Marta took the bold steps of leaving the witch doctor’s house and told her family she was a Christian. She shared her faith with her family, and through her testimony and other circumstances, everyone except her father came to faith in Christ. Life is still difficult, but Marta say God has been faithful. Her journey is hard—as she continues to recover from the evil and darkness that surrounded her for so many years.

In 2018, Open Doors supporters sent Marta letters of hope (see the video to watch her receive the letters and hear more of her story); and now we get to stand with her again in prayer and encouragement.

Please take a moment to write an encouraging message to this daughter of the King—your sister in Christ.

One Church. One Family.



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Thank you for your heart for our persecuted family.
One church. One family.