Bring joy to Daniela’s and Sebastian’s lives

Dear Friends,

Loving Jesus and living for Him can be dangerous in parts of Colombia, where drug lords and rebels—often one in the same—operate like lawless warlords. They recruit vulnerable young people to do their dirty and dangerous work for them. And they need customers.

They don’t need Christians who help people overcome their addictions and work to prevent young people from being lured into a life of crime and violence. That’s why they killed Plinio, father to Daniela and Sebastian—as a warning to Christians to stop their activities.

Twelve-year-old Daniela and five-year-old Sebastian find it very difficult to talk about the day their father died. Pastor Plinio had just returned from praying at the church when he was murdered in his own home—the family, including Daniela, rushed into the room where he was shot and killed. Daniela will never forget what she saw.

Our team asked the young girl what she thinks her father would have liked for her to do in the future. “Well,” she says without hesitation, “to be a great person and to follow in the ways of God.”

Thankfully, through the generosity of Open Doors’ supporters, Daniela and Sebastian were able to spend a month at the Center for Children—a project that gives permanent shelter to many Colombian children of persecuted Christians. Here, Daniela and Sebastian learned how to be kids again and have begun to heal.

Please take a few moments to share some love and encouragement with Daniela and Sebastian. Let them know they’re a part of a large Christian family that stretches worldwide—

One Church. One Family.



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Thank you for your heart for our persecuted family.
One church. One family.