Comfort Singya in Bangladesh

Dear Friends,

Singya (19) and Chongya (16) were born as Buddhists into a small tribal group in Bangladesh. The two brothers came to faith in Jesus last year through their grandparents and uncles. When their parents learned about their sons’ conversion, they tried to force them back to Buddhism, but Singya and Chongya steadfastly refused.

Warning: some readers may find Singya’s story to be triggering.

Because of the boys’ faith, their parents verbally abused them regularly and tried to force them to follow Buddhist beliefs and rituals. Once, their mother brought a Buddhist idol and attempted to force them to worship it. When they refused, she became very angry. It was the last straw. Their parents kicked their two sons out of the house into the streets.

Recently, Chongya asked his parents for money he had saved and given to them for safekeeping. Instead of returning the money, his parents scolded him, hurling abusive insults. Tragically, a few days later on February 7, Chongya committed suicide. Reports indicate that he took this drastic step because of the immense pressure and persecution he and his brother endured—because they trusted Christ.

Sadly, familial pressure and persecution this severe are not uncommon for believers in Bangladesh. Thankfully, we have the unique opportunity to stand with Chongya’s traumatized brother. Please take a moment to write Singya a letter of comfort and encouragement to lean into Christ and to stay strong in his faith. Let him know he’s not alone and that we grieve with him.

One Church. One Family.



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One church. One family.