Draw a picture for Iranian kids

Dear Friends,

In Iran, many Christians follow Jesus in secret because it’s illegal to convert from Islam. Christians are monitored, followed, jailed and imprisoned. The animated story of Hami shares what’s happening in real life today—as we watch Hami, a young child, witness his pastor’s arrest and learn both the risks and the joys of following Jesus in Iran.

(Click here to watch the video.)

This engagement opportunity is a great way to help your kids connect to persecuted believers by drawing a colorful picture of hope to encourage kids like Hami. We can remind Iranian children that though they’re persecuted, they are not abandoned. Together, we can show kids we are One Church and One Family.


*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

Please do not submit handwritten letters; this is a digital opportunity only. Instead, please scan and email your picture to [email protected] by August 17, 2020.

Drawing Guidelines:

  • Pictures should be colorful, cheerful, and positive.
  • Please email all drawings to [email protected]

Ideas for drawings:

  • A self-portrait.
  • A drawing inspired by a Bible story or verse—please don’t write the verse or the Scripture reference on the picture.
  • A drawing that reflects what it means to be loved and protected of God.
  • An image of hope.

For Security:

  • Ask children to sign their pictures with their first name only.
  • Please don’t write any messages or words on the pictures.
  • Don’t mention Open Doors.

If you would like to participate in more opportunities like this, you can regularly write letters to persecuted Christians in many countries by bookmarking and revisiting our website.

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