Encourage Pastor Andrew as he rebuilds the church in Nigeria

In 2015 the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram violently attacked the Christians in Guyaku, killing several believers and burning all but six of their houses. And Pastor Andrew’s church was reduced to rubble.

“I lost hope that we would come together to worship God again because our church was destroyed,” he shares, remembering the attack. “Fire was consuming the entire village. We ran for our lives and went to hide [in caves] under the mountains.”

Like Pastor Andrew, many Christians hid in the caves and waited out the long night, hoping and praying their loved ones had survived. When morning finally came, everyone cautiously left their hiding places and tried to locate family members.

When they entered Guyaku, the scene was devastating. The heavy smell of smoke rose through the air, and homes continued to smolder. Boko Haram had stolen their possessions, and what they couldn’t take, they burned. They had also killed many.

Pastor Andrew and the other church leaders tried to encourage their people to trust in the Lord, rebuild their homes and remain in Guyaku. But many of the Christians, now homeless, fled to nearby towns.

However over time, as the remaining Christians began to repair their homes and resettle, more believers returned.

When asked if the attack has weakened his resolve or made him fearful of following Jesus and leading God’s people, Pastor Andrew gives a simple but powerful reply: “Come what may, I won’t turn back because I know there is a reward that awaits me.” Read more of Pastor Andrew’s story here.

We have the chance and the privilege to send Pastor Andrew and his family notes and drawings of encouragement. Join us as we remind this precious pastor and his family that they belong to one Church, and one Family!



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