Encourage your little sister in Central Asia, Talitha

Part of being a family is rejoicing when our brothers and sisters rejoice (Rom. 12:15). So, we should celebrate when new believers join our family! Talitha* from Central Asia is just 17, and she came to faith in Jesus in December 2021. From the moment she kneeled to give Him her heart, she joined a worldwide Church she had no idea existed—and she had to do it in secret!

But though we rejoice with Talitha, challenges still exist. The rest of her family are not believers, and if they discover she follows Jesus, the repurcussions could be severe.

Government authorities shut down the underground church building where Talitha and others meet, citing its lack of legal registration. However, it is almost impossible to receive such official approval in Central Asia. But Talitha desired to be baptized.

A sister church which, remarkably, was able to be registered, let Talitha’s small congregation use their building for the baptism, and on Christmas Eve last year, Talitha slipped beneath the waters and rose a newly washed woman in Christ, emulating His death, burial and resurrection. It was a special moment for her.

We have the opportunity to send prayers of encouragement, love and hope to Talitha. The messages will be translated and given to her, so that she begins to have an idea of how big the family is that she has joined. Won’t you encourage her today? Fill out the form below.


*Name changed to protect identity


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