Hadija is Enjoying More Stability

Hadija (12), who was born into a Muslim family in a small Ugandan fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria. Eventually, the abuse became so severe that she had to flee. A Christian woman at church, Mellina, took her in and is in the process of adopting her.

Born into a Muslim family in a small Ugandan fishing town on the northeastern shores of Lake Victoria, Hadija has an extraordinary testimony of faith for a 12 year-old girl. Hadija began secretly attending services as a 5 year-old. When her father found out, he warned her to stop, promising to beat her if she disobeyed. She wouldn’t stop and therefore endured weekly beatings.

When Hadija was seven, her mother died. Soon after, her father relocated to a town in western Uganda to live with his newest wife. As young as she was, Hadija bravely searched for another church and continued attending Sunday school. This is where she received the Lord. She continued attending church despite her stepmother’s warnings and the severe beatings and denial of food from her father.

A Christian woman at church, Mellina, befriended Hadija and learned about the abuse. One Sunday in December 2012, the beatings were so bad that Mellina intervened. Mellina became Hadija’s guardian and is now in the process of adopting her.


Open Doors workers recently talked with Mellina and heard that Hadija is doing well.

“Hadija was recently moved to a better school with our support. The teachers were informed about her traumatic past so they know how to handle her. They say that she is responding well and improving academically as she is now emotionally stable and feels much safer.

“Mellina is also doing fine. She is scheduled to attend an Open Doors SED (socio-economic development) program before the end of the year to learn business skills. Starting a business will be a good way to ensure a more sustainable income for them.”

We encourage our supporters to write letters of encouragement to Hadija and Mellina.

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