In 2014, Mercy James was abducted in the middle of the night from her home in Gwoza, Nigeria, when Boko Haram captured the town and declared it a caliphate. The attackers took Mercy and other women to the nearby town of Mubi, which had also fallen to the militants. Her father is presumed dead, as most Christian men were killed when they refused to deny Christ.

Mercy stayed in captivity for five months, during which time she was forcefully Islamized, and married to a Muslim. She doesn’t give many details about this arranged marriage, except to say that “Every single day came with tears and fears for the unknown.”

A few days after she was married, the Nigerian government stepped up their campaign to retake Mubi. A bomb hit the house where she was kept and everyone except Mercy died. Mercy says, “I thank God for rescuing me, and giving me a second chance.”

Mercy was taken to a clinic for some basic treatment for her broken leg. After the local church helped as much as they could, Open Doors stepped in and provided medical assistance and trauma care and found ways for her to earn a sustainable income in the future.

With this writing campaign, we invite you to support Mercy by letting her know how God supports her and that the body of Christ cares for her. Cards & letters of encouragement & prayer will be very much appreciated.

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