Send An Encouragement To Caroline

Dear friends,

I don’t know if you’ve heard Caroline’s story yet, but she’s in a critical place in life. That’s why I’m writing to ask if you would pause your day for just a minute to send her an encouraging note?

In August of this year, suspected extremists in Kenya broke into the house of a man named Changawa Muthemba.  The extremists drug Changawa to the home of his brother-in-law, Joseph Kasena, where they found Joseph and a 17-year-old neighbor boy.

The attackers held the three men at machete point and demanded that they recite the Islamic Shahada. None of them did, so the attackers tried to tie them up. When the men resisted, the attackers descended on them and killed them with machetes.

After killing these men, the extremists also entered another home in the compound – that of Joseph’s mentally challenged older brother, Charo Karisa. They also killed him.

Adding to the tragedy, Joseph’s wife—Caroline Rizki—witnessed all of this.

While we can’t possibly fathom what Caroline faces as a survivor of this type of violence, we understand that she would be severely traumatized. As she faces these heavy emotions, we are rallying Christians around the world to send Caroline constant displays of hope and encouragement via digital messages.

While it may be difficult to find words to say to someone in Caroline’s shoes, a simple and brief message can be best.  Together, we can demonstrate how other believers care about Caroline, stand alongside her and pray for her.

This is a powerful opportunity to send an encouraging message to let Caroline know she is not alone.

Thank you so much for your ongoing connection to Open Doors and for helping us with this practical way to encourage believers who mean so much to us.


  • Please don’t dwell on Caroline’s hardships in your letter, but focus on hope and encouragement!
  • Be personal.  More than just “I pray for you,” add a little bit about yourself. My name is (first name), I live in (state or general region), I believe (include some testimony perhaps), and I pray that God (a specific prayer).
  • If you desire, please feel free to share 1 or 2 Bible verses.
  • Please don’t include any comments that criticize a country’s religion, government, or leaders.


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