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Send Encouragement to Esther

Dear Friends,

While Esther was in Boko Haram captivity (October 2015 – November 2016), she was under constant pressure to denounce her faith and was raped multiple times by different men. She became pregnant and had no idea who the father was.

When the government freed her, she was jubilant to return home but soon learned that people were not so eager to welcome back “Boko Haram women,” much less their children. They mocked Esther and called the baby “Boko” instead of using her real name, Rebecca.

Open Doors trauma care helped Esther find peace and healing from what happened to her. “I felt like my sorrow and shame disappeared, never to come back again.” Even if there are some who still refuse to accept Rebecca, she says, “She has become my joy and laughter amidst sadness.”

We are delighted to ask you to join us in coming alongside Esther by sending her a card of encouragement or a digital message. We appreciate the time you take out of your busy day to do so.


*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

You can send Esther a physical letter through the mail or a digital message using the form on this page. Please send all physical letters and cards to:

Open Doors USA
PO Box 27001
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Writing Guidelines

  • For physical letters, greeting cards, children’s artwork, and postcards are best.
  • Write in simple English and keep your letter brief.
  • Print clearly.
  • Be encouraging and include 1-2 Bible verses.
  • Show sensitivity; please don’t dwell on *Esther’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.

For Security

  • Do not mention Open Doors in your letters.
  • If writing a postcard, please send it in an envelope and do not write the Open Doors’ address on the postcard.
  • You may provide your name, but do not provide your full address.
  • Do not criticize a country’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system, or political leaders.
  • Do not send money or make proposals to help.

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