Send encouragement to your family in Christ!

Dear Friends,

Today, just like in the book of Acts, Christians are enduring persecution through intimidation, isolation, attacks, beatings, imprisonment and even death—all around the world. The numbers are staggering:

  • 310 million Christians worldwide face high levels of persecution.
  • That’s one in eight Christians worldwide; one in five in Africa and two in five in Asia.

Despite these challenges, our courageous Christian brothers and sisters continue to “count it all joy” (James 1:2-4) as they suffer for Jesus, trusting that God will strengthen their faith. We believe it’s in the DNA of every believer to care for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. Today, we invite you to write a personal letter of encouragement to persecuted believers. We’ll deliver your messages, encouraging our Christian brothers and sisters that they’re not alone—and that the worldwide Church is standing with them through prayer. Please follow these letter-writing guidelines:

  • To assist in translation, please write in simple English and please keep your letter brief.
  • Please do not mention Open Doors in your messages.
  • Include one or two Bible verses. Think about including passages that focus on uplifting and empowering messages about God’s love and salvation, as well as those that focus on blessings through persecution.
  • Send personal messages, not just general Bible verses (the more personal, the more effective). For example, you may want to share about a personal (spiritual) struggle and how you dealt with it through prayer and Scripture.
  • It’s fine to include your first name, age, profession and country, but please don’t share your full name and/or address.
  • Do not make proposals to help.
  • Do not mention topical news stories, regional politics, etc.
  • Do not criticize the country’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system or political leaders.

Thank you for joining us.



*Photo: Marta, a secret believer in Ethiopia, with an envelope of encouraging letters she received through Open Doors supporters. As a toddler, Marta’s parents “gave” her to the local witch doctor as his servant and wife.

If you would like to participate in more opportunities like this, you can regularly write letters to persecuted Christians in many countries by bookmarking and revisiting our website.

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