Stand with Colombian Pastors and Their Congregations

Dear Friends,

Colombia has a long and complex history of war, unrest and drug cartel activity. A couple of years ago a controversial peace agreement was implemented to try to address these issues. However, problems have continued. The cultivation of coca—a plant that is the source of cocaine—has increased, fighting has continued, and persecution against the Christian church has intensified.

After the peace agreement was signed, these regions have unfortunately seen an increase in violence due to the rebellion of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), guerrilla National Liberation Army (ELN) and other illegal armed groups.

The peace agreement has also brought about changes in how Christians are being persecuted. For instance, the perpetrators’ uniforms no longer have identification on them. Even so, locals are sure these harassers are the same people who targeted them in the past. In fact, Christian residents now fear that the current perpetrators of violence have more power because they now have a legal political party that supports and defends them.

Today, we are happy to share an opportunity to stand with these pastors and their congregations not only in prayer, but also by writing them letters of encouragement. Below you can submit a letter to pastors and their congregations in the regions of Guaviare, Tibu, El Tarra, Tumaco and Arauca to let them know they are not alone—that Christians around the world support them.

To participate in this letter-writing campaign, please submit your letter by October 31, 2018.


*Representative names and photos are sometimes used to protect identity.

You can send a physical letter through the mail or a digital message using the form on this page. Please send all physical letters and cards to:
Open Doors USA
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