Stand with Indians like Manoj: A young follower of Jesus

Dear Friends,

Meet 10-year-old Manoj* from East India. Manoj first encountered Jesus through his friends.  He remembers being overwhelmed by the love showered on him when he attended church for the first time. The Bible stories he heard fascinated him, especially the ones about David and the good Samaritan. Wanting to learn more, Manoj started going to Sunday school.

At first, no one in his family seemed to care that he had Christian friends and was attending church. But that changed over time.

“My neighbors noticed that I was going to church every Sunday with Christian friends,” Manoj says. “They warned my parents that if they [didn’t] stop me from going, I would become a Christian. Christianity is considered a detestable religion in our village as the majority of families are Hindus.”

Family members did what they could to persuade Manoj and keep him from going to church. That’s when he started attending in secret. When his mother discovered his secret, she beat him. This happened a few times.

Sadly, now Manoj attends church only occasionally.

This year he took part in a three-day Children’s Seminar organized by Open Door partners who asked him to speak about his love for Jesus and the Bible. He shared that he was desperate to attend the Seminar and went to great lengths to get there.

Manoj’s heart for Jesus is evident. Please take a moment and write a letter of encouragement to young and passionate secret followers of Christ like him. Let them know they’re not alone.



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