Surround the Koh family with love

As of February 1, 2022, this campaign has ended. Thank you so much for your beautiful notes of encouragement to the Koh family! God has used them to His glory.

Dear Friends,

February 13, 2021, marks four years since Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in broad daylight and his family began searching for answers about his mysterious disappearance. In April 2019, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) concluded that Pastor Raymond was a victim of enforced disappearance by the State, namely the Special Branch of the Malaysian Police Department. Soon after, the government formed a special task force to establish his whereabouts and share their findings within six months. The task force has yet to publish the report.

The case is still open, and the Koh family still has no solid answers or the chance for closure. They don’t even know why he was taken, although it may have been related to accusations that he was sharing the gospel with Malay Muslims, which is illegal in Malaysia.

In a continued search for answers, Pastor Raymond’s wife Susanna is filing a lawsuit against the police and Malaysian government. It has been a long and difficult journey for her, as well as for their three adult children, Elizabeth, Esther and Jonathan.

Susanna shares that they still face numerous challenges, including police intimidation and harassment: “They have been calling my son and me for questioning at the police station. It is only by God’s grace that we were able to answer and even stand up for our rights.”

Despite their loss, the family has keep going, reflecting the compassion of Pastor Raymond. Jonathan is working with refugees. Esther is taking online classes and teaching undocumented primary school students. Elizabeth has started an online business in the States. And Susanna works closely with Pakistani refugee women, helping them generate an income through jewelry making.

The prayers and support of Christians around the world have been a deep source of encouragement, Susanna says.  “We feel like we are part of a big family of God. We just want to say that we appreciate what you have done, your support, and [we ask] that you continue to keep us in prayer until we see a resolution.”

We have a unique opportunity to write to Pastor Raymond’s family—Susanna, Elizabeth, Esther and Jonathan. The whole family needs encouragement. Your letter can remind the Kohs that are not alone—and neither is Pastor Raymond. And that we are all One Church, One Body.


This letter-writing opportunity is available through February 1, 2022, and is accepting physical letters only (no digital/email messages).

Writing Guidelines:

  • Write in English.
  • Greeting cards, children’s artwork, and postcards are best.
  • Print clearly.
  • Be encouraging and include one or two Bible verses. (For security reasons please do not use verses that refer to Israel, armies, war.)
  • Please show sensitivity; please don’t dwell on their plight or share about the blessings of life in your country.

 For Security:

  • Do not mention Open Doors in your letters.
  • If writing a postcard, please send it in an envelope and do not write Open Doors’ address on the postcard.
  • You may provide your name, but do not provide your full address.
  • Do not criticize a country’s religion or religious extremists, its government, judicial system, or political leaders or police.
  • Do not send money or make proposals to help. 

If you would like to participate in more opportunities like this, you can regularly write letters to persecuted Christians in many countries by bookmarking and revisiting our website.

Mail your physical letters to:

Open Doors USA
PO Box 27001
Santa Ana, CA 92799