Write a Letter to a Persecuted Believer in Malaysia

Let your brothers and sisters in Malaysia know they're not alone!

We invite you to write a letter of encouragement to Christians in Malaysia. These messages will be delivered to remind our brothers and sisters in Christ that they’re not alone—and the worldwide Church is standing with them through prayer.

Malaysia carries the image of probably being the world’s best role model for a liberal and tolerant Islamic country. However, this image has been fading over the last years, a trend confirmed in the 2018 World Watch List in which Malaysia’s rank rose noticeably—jumping from #31 to #23. The constitution of Malaysia prohibits conversion for Malays and the spreading of non-Muslim religions. Converts from Islam in Malaysia experience the worst persecution, as every ethnic Malay is considered Muslim. Converts are viewed as law-breakers, as well as traitors to society, their families and neighbors.

To ensure letters are secure, please follow these guidelines:

1. Please do not mention Open Doors or any other U.S. organization.

2. Please do not provide your full name or address. Instead, share your first name and the region of the country where you live.

3. Feel free to include a meaningful Bible verse.

4. Please do not criticize the country’s religion, government, or leaders.

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