Colombia- group of indigenous women

“As Christians we were forced to leave our land because we fought for Christian education. Now we are displaced. We are trying to build up our lives again, but there are so many troubles and difficulties.” – A testimony of Mariana, a pastor’s wife, one of the displaced women in Cauca.

Mariana is one the many indigenous women who are still experiencing persecution after being displaced. These Christian women from the Nasa tribe have faced many challenges. When they were still living in their communities, they were fighting for Christian education. Their tribal leaders put pressure on the Christians, cutting them off from health services, schools and land. And finally, 42 families were sent away.

Building a new life is hard, especially for the women. They are often the center of the family; they take care of the children, work on the land and manage the household. They love Jesus, but they often lack knowledge of how to grow in their faith and how to teach their children. Open Doors supports them and their displaced communities by helping them to organize Christian education.

With this writing campaign, we invite you to support these women by letting them know what God thinks of them and that the body of Christ cares for them. Card & letters will be very much appreciated.

Write a Letter to Displaced Women in Colombia