Do you have a minute to write a quick digital note to a persecuted Christian teenager named Abdu?* Open Doors recently met Abdu in one of the countries where we are present. But in order to keep him safe, we can’t disclose his specific location.

Although raised in the Muslim tradition, Abdu and his mother came to Jesus as he was entering high school. They even arranged to be secretly baptized in a pool.  Unfortunately, the two soon realized their faith in Jesus put them in danger.

As word of their conversion spread, Abdu and his mother had to relocate to another city. Eventually, Abdu’s mother had to travel abroad to try to arrange for a better future. The plan was for her to be gone a short time, but things turned out differently. She has now been gone for over two years.

In the meantime, God allowed Abdu to meet a Christian couple. “They took us in, they bought us clothes… And they took us to their church.” However, Abdu’s father—who is Muslim—soon found out and moved to get legal custody of them.

For a time, Abdu lived with his father’s family. “They urged me to become a Muslim. To pray five times a day.” But he refused and, instead, shared how Jesus changed his life. He would sneak up on the roof to read the Bible and sing Christian songs.

Eventually, Abdu was consumed by loneliness and faced a weighty decision about where to live. In the end, he decided that leaving his father’s house and fleeing to the Christian community was the best choice for the time being. But to do so, he had to leave his siblings behind.

As you can tell, Abdu has faced more than most 15 year olds. And he could benefit from support from the larger Christian community. If you are willing would you take a minute to send him a quick digital note encouraging him?

Our hope, at Open Doors, is always that you will not only read about persecuted Christians, but you will want to come alongside them. And writing Abdu is the perfect chance to do just that.

Thank you in advance for surrounding him with encouragement,

Sarah Cunningham, Director of Communications

*Name changed for security purposes.

Some guidelines:

  •  Please don’t dwell on Abdu’s hardships in your letter, but focus on hope and encouragement!
  • Be personal.  More than just “I pray for you,” add a little bit about yourself. My name is (first name), I live in (state or general region), I believe (include some testimony perhaps), and I pray that God (a specific prayer).
  • Please don’t include any comments that criticize a country’s religion, government, or leaders.

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