For the last sixty years, the Salvation Army Church and her Muslim neighbors have enjoyed a peaceful co-existence with deep friendships and mutual trust between the faith communities. But this trust was undermined on October 4, 2013, when the church was burnt-down by Muslim extremists.

Open Doors recently visited church leader, Salvation Army Major Nzioka. As they gathered in the burned church evidence of the attack surrounded them; fire-scorched walls, broken windows and charred scraps of furniture. Nzioka reflected that, “This church has been here since 1948 and we have not had problems with neighbors of Muslim faith. We have respected each other’s faith, families and property.”

The Mombasa Salvation Army congregation, situated directly opposite the Mombasa Muslim Association Office and barely 200 meters from the Masjid Musa Mosque, has resolved to continue church services as usual despite the millions of Kenyan dollars’ worth of damage.

“These attacks are making us more prayerful and causing us to review our individual commitments to the Lord!” Major Nzioka added, “We pray that the Lord will deliver our Muslim neighbors from the hatred that has saturated their hearts and blinded their minds. We are resolved to continue doing the Lord’s work in this area,” he said. “We will not give up!”

Consider writing a letter of encouragement to the members of Majengo Salvation Army Church, letting them know you are praying for them in their commitment to continue showing love, forgiveness and resilience in the midst of these challenges.

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