Jeovani Mongounou
Nine-year-old Jeovani was sitting on the Sunday School bench when Seleka forces fired three missiles during a service last year. The explosions killed seven and severely injured at least 33 people. Jeovani sustained serious injuries to his lower legs leading to a double amputation.

Jeovani is getting used to moving around with his physical injuries, but he says, “I would like to go back to school. I’m sad when I see my friends walking to school while I can’t.”

For his mother, Lydie, the effects of the emotional injuries are much more concerning. “I think my son is traumatized,” Lydie says. “Jeovani gets nightmares from time to time. He dreams about Seleka rebels coming to our home to harass us and loot our things.”

Lydie is out of work and has five other children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years old to care for. “We have all been affected very deeply by what has happened,” she says. “Please pray for us.”

Please send colorful cards to encourage Jeovani.

Quanizolo Saint Jacob
Quanizolo Saint Jacob , a first year law student, was worshipping at his church in Bangui last year, when suddenly there was a huge explosion. One of the missiles shattered Quanizolo’s left leg so badly it needed to be amputated below the knee. His right leg was also damaged.

Quanizolo comes from a very poor background and lives with an elder brother. Having the chance to attend university made him the star of his family – with great expectations on him for the future, but now he has had to discontinue his studies.

He has been struggling with discouragement as he comes to terms with the implications for his life but is determined to respond to his challenges with faith. “God created me,” he says. “I implore Him to give me courage and to keep supplying our needs as a family as we face these difficult moments.”

Your cards and letters can bring Quanizolo much-needed encouragement.

Rene Vianney & six children
When marauders arrived at their home, on August 20, husband Jean ordered his wife to remain indoors, while he went out to meet the terrorists. They demanded the keys to his motorcycle. One of the rebels, probably a Sudanese mercenary, shot him dead. His body was only discovered the next day. Rene now has to care for her two daughters and four sons between the ages of 5 and 21 by herself.

Please write to René and assure her of your prayers.

*Not her real name

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