Dear BridgeBuilder,
You have now become part of the national volunteer force of BridgeBuilders who desire to inspire and unite people in churches and communities around the USA to support and empower persecuted Christians. You can help Christians in America connect with the living faith of persecuted Christians. And when you do, you help unite the body of Christ to become one strong body!
For over 6o years, Open Doors has been working to bring light to the darkest spiritual corners of the earth. Open Doors USA desires to make the Persecuted Church unavoidable to the American Church. You are a vital part of that effort!
As a BridgeBuilder, you are on the front lines of the work here in the United States. Our brothers and sisters who are persecuted share the same beliefs, the same God and the same Lord that we worship. Only they do so under the threat of persecution, abandonment, mistreatment, imprisonment or even death. We worship in freedom as they worship in bondage. We need you to help make the plight of the persecuted and the purpose of Open Doors USA known across the United States.
Open Doors USA Statement of Faith & Core Values

  • We are part of the Body of Christ; a people to people people
  • We are persecuted church driven
  • We are people of the Bible
  • We are people of prayer
  • We live and work by faith
  • We are devoted to Jesus Christ and His commission
  • We are motivated solely for the glory of God

Open Doors USA Mission
To inspire American Christians to generously strengthen the Persecuted Church.

BridgeBuilder Program Objective
To recruit, train, resource, and mobilize hundreds of volunteers who will use their time, talents, and gifts to develop self-sustaining relationships with churches and individuals throughout the United States.
Open Doors USA seeks to make the Persecuted Church unavoidable to the American Church. With over 300,000 churches in America, this is a huge challenge! There are so many believers that don’t fully understand what is taking place around the world. They hear the news, read the articles, and have no idea what their “next steps” needs to be. The BridgeBuilder program with Open Doors USA seeks to help the American church engage the Persecuted Church with understanding, prayer and action. 
As a BridgeBuilder, your most basic task is to be the voice of the Persecuted Church within your own church. We call this being a Church Representative. Every BridgeBuilder should be active in their Body of Christ. Most roles for BridgeBuilders are only limited by your own gifts & talents! We’ll help you draft a plan that will allow you to determine what your gifts and talents are and some ways they can be used to impact the American Church. Other specific roles include Prayer Group Leader and Open Doors Speaker.
BridgeBuilders come in all forms. You might be a pastor who desires to see greater church involvement. A church member who knows that Prayer is the greatest weapon we wield in this spiritual battle. You may be retired, a college student, or an artist; but all of you share one trait – a passion to support the persecuted. That’s what unites us and makes us a team. A family. A Body of Christ.
Thanks again for joining us in seeking to raise awareness of and fighting against persecution. May God bless you in this role! 
David Watterson
Volunteer Program Director