Dear pastor or event host,
Thank you so much for allowing Open Doors USA to come in and serve you! It has been our honor and privilege to share with you about what is taking place around the world within the Persecuted Church. Open Doors USA has as part of its vision, To make the Persecuted Church unavoidable to the American Church by 2015. And we want to make sure that we do this effectively and creatively.

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How would you rate the BridgeBuilders fulfillment of your desires and expectations for this event?” How Would You Rate the BridgeBuilders Fulfillment of your Desires and Expectations for this Event?

How Likely Would you be to Invite Open Doors USA to Participate in Another Event in the Future?

How Was the Display Area?

How Did you Audience/Congregation Receive the Message and Materials?

How Was the Quality of the Materials That Were Used?

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