BridgeBuilders come in all shapes & sizes. Their roles are only limited by the own spiritual gifts and talents. Some BridgeBuilders may fall into multiple categories and some will find that they excel in only one. No matter what you do, our “ask” is that you do it unto the Lord as Colossians 3:23 tells us. You’ll have seasons when you have lots of time to put into the work and some when you are simply overwhelmed with “life”. That’s ok! Find your best fit and allow God to work through you. And watch lives become transformed! 

The primary roles for BridgeBuilders are:
  • Church Representative
  • Prayer Group Leader 
  • Open Doors Speaker
  • Fortify Connector
  • Utilize your own personal gifts & talents


A Church Representative is the starting point, the foundation, of what a BridgeBuilder is called to do within their church. Every BridgeBuilder is a Church Representative. This simply means that as you are involved with learning more and being involved with the Persecuted Church, you work within your congregation and alongside your church leadership to make that known. There are many ways to see this happen. It might include:
  • A church announcement
  • Serving on a team or committee involved with missions/outreach
  • Reporting to your church staff on a regular basis
  • Equipping your church with Open Doors USA resources
  • Helping to organize a special prayer event
  • Putting the Persecuted Church or Open Doors USA on the churches prayer network
  • Helping to organize a Pastors Briefing
  • Hosting the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – this is highly recommended and strongly encouraged for all BridgeBuilders to do on a yearly basis.
  • Be a host church for Secret Church http://www.radical.net/secretchurch/ 
We will help you by equipping you with on-line video training, resources for introducing the stories of persecuted Christians and encouraging prayer. We will be available to offer support, advice and listen to your feedback to help you tailor this role to your skills, interests and experience. We will link you with other local volunteers (when possible) and connect you to your nearest Open Doors Speaker (if available) who could make formal presentations to your church.
But these are only the starting points. One of the greatest ways and often the simplest and most
successful are the ways that you use your gifts and talents as a Church Representative of Open Doors USA. Do you like to play golf? Then perhaps plan a simple golfing event? Do you like to write? Be a part of our advocacy ministry? Perhaps you are a musician and want to do a small concert to help raise awareness? Or make a quilt. Or a bake sale? The point is that you use your gifts in a way that honors God and helps our brothers & sisters that are being persecuted around the world

Prayer Group Leader is another simple way to help get people involved and can take a myriad of forms. Perhaps it’s helping incorporate the Open Doors USA prayer alerts into a church’s prayer ministry. Maybe it’s starting a dedicated prayer time during the week. It may be a time when interested people come together and pray through the countries. Regardless, prayer is essential to what we do. It should be foundational to who we are and it is the greatest opportunity to make a significant impact for the Persecuted Church. You’ll need to be:

  • Committed to networking with your local team of pray-ers
  • Encouraging people to pray individually as well as with each other
  • Helping promote International Day of Prayer (November) and other OD prayer campaigns
  • Finding creative ways to motivate prayer (i.e. letter writing and praying for each recipient
  • Equipped with resources (i.e. Weekly Prayer Alert, Monthly Prayer Calendar, IDOP Kit, Prayer Leader Guide, etc.
  • Lead the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
  • Be a host church for Secret Church http://www.radical.net/secretchurch/ 
The first step is to introduce yourself to the prayer ministries at your church. If you have an active prayer ministry, of any kind, than it may be a simple task to join and offer to lead an element that would focus on the Persecuted Church. The Persecuted Church is one of many prayers that need to be offered up daily. Be a part, but don’t be a dictator!
Another way might be to offer to serve on a prayer team, not just for the Persecuted Church, but because your church needs prayer just like the Persecuted Church needs prayer. Once you are established, allow the Holy Spirit to bring the burden for the Persecuted Church into the ministry. 
If there is a dedicated prayer time (like a Wednesday night prayer meeting), then request for the Persecuted Church and/or Open Doors USA to be added to the list. Keep the needs focused on the Persecuted. The ministry of Open Doors USA will come up, but if you bring it up constantly, it may appear that you are looking for funding or attention. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead.
If there is no prayer ministry, ask if you may start one, under the leadership of a pastor. Be a servant. If you are able to create one, let Open Doors USA be a part of it, but not all of it, unless you feel or are led otherwise. Remember, you are there to serve, not to change a culture or start an agenda. If the leadership sees you leading, you’ll be amazed at what they (and God!) will open up for you to be a part!


Open Doors  Speaker  is a fantastic way to help make the Persecuted Church unavoidable to the 
American Church. As a speaker, you would be uniquely gifted to share the work of Open Doors and the status of the Persecuted Church. You’ll need to be:

  • A gifted and inspirational communicator with public speaking and/or preaching experience
  • Able to deliver relevant and motivating presentations whether you’re sitting with 6 people or standing in front of 200
  • Not intimidated by indifference and are eager to see more Christians on their knees in prayer and on their feet in action for our persecuted family
  • Willing to commit to Open Doors’ core values and messages and be a trusted ambassador for persecuted Christians
  • Reliable and organized in corresponding with people by phone, email and letter
  • Available to speak on behalf of Open Doors USA
  • Booking, preparing and delivering at least 4 to 6 inspirational presentations per year which portray the reality of persecution faced by Christians around the world with integrity and compassion
  • Represent the holistic ministry of Open Doors in a personal and relevant way
  • Inspire individuals, groups and churches to make an impact through praying, giving, volunteering or campaigning
  • Motivate individuals to become supporters of the ministry and approach potential Church Representatives
  • Networking locally to spark new ministry opportunities
  • Sending in gifts and requests for our literature and keeping us informed of your progress
We will help you by training you in presenting Open Doors’ ministry and inspiring a response. We will keep you equipped with key information, resources and updates. We will be available to offer advice and support and listen to your feedback. We will connect you with other local volunteers (where possible).
We also require that new storytellers teach in the most uncomfortable space ever – to the Director of Volunteer Programs via Bluejeans! This is so that we can make sure that you are comfortable with the guidelines for speaking and to confirm that you indeed have the gift for speaking. I don’t play a guitar in church because I’m terrible at it, even though I wish I was great. We want to make sure that we’re sending out called and equipped speakers!