Five students in the Middle East shared how their pastor and discipleship team taught them about the Bible and led them to Jesus. This Spring, all five young people confirmed their commitments to follow Jesus before their congregation. During a church service, fellow believers prayed for these students to live as believing and passionate Christians in the hostile world in which they live.

In light of the challenges of being among the only Christians in a town of Muslims, one of the students said, “They will always ask us to become Muslims; they always have, but once we have said yes to Jesus, there is just simply no turning back.”

“I have said yes to Jesus, and I mean it,” said another, eyes sparkling.

Another concluded, “I feel like a special cord of love has been knitted around us as our congregation prayed for us after saying ‘yes’ to Jesus.”

PRAY: That the newfound faith of these students will continue to grow and become strengthened in the face of many challenges.

ENGAGE: Help your church learn more about the countries where faith costs the most by including the World Watch List Country Fact Sheets in your service bulletin or website.

PARTNER: Discuss with your Sunday School class or small group what it means to say “yes” to Jesus, no matter what the cost.