One With Them: Removing Division
One With Them: Removing Division

In Pakistan earlier this year, a small but secure prayer and study session for Muslim Background Believers (MBB) was held. Children clamored together to write letters to Jesus, asking Him to heal Pakistan and telling Him they love Him. The session was an incredible opportunity for team members across the country to connect, minister to one another and pray for one another. It also gave them the opportunity to hear the Word in a fresh way and in a less oppressive environment.

Soon, two little children approached and looked on as children from the session played a game of badminton. Workers wanted to keep the MBB children as safe as possible, but when these little ones from a nearby Christian colony approached, the team workers only saw two children who knew Jesus.

One worker named Heena* responded, saying, “The divide between converts and those born into the faith only exists in the fear of adults who have bad experiences. We invited the children to have juice with us because we want to change their experience.” Soon, the children were on the way back to their families. Heena concluded, “Nothing bad happened, maybe next year they will join us again.”

This serves as a reminder that we can change students’ experiences, even with a small gesture like juice. More importantly, it reminds us that despite backgrounds and experiences, Jesus binds us all together as the Body of Christ. We may not have much in common with our persecuted brothers and sisters, but we have Jesus. Through Him, we are one!

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