At Open Doors, we serve the persecuted church in over 60 different countries. Much of what we provide goes towards helping pastors and church leaders who, like you, serve their members and families. But unlike leaders like us here in the United States, these leaders serve in some of the most spiritually dark places on the planet.

Thankfully, despite our differences, we have the most important things in common: we all serve the same God, the same church, and we all seek His will for our lives.

At Open Doors, we also recognize that challenges are not exclusive to the persecuted world, but also arise within our own churches. So we want to make sure we are also serving you, church leaders, by helping you lead and connect your members with their persecuted brothers and sisters.

Below are unique resources that we offer you as a pastor or church leader to help you encourage spiritual growth amongs your own. We pray these will enrich your congregation’s faith and provide perspective about the persecuted church.