Ways to plan your gift

How you can serve your persecuted brothers and sisters—while securing your financial future

There are so many ways you can both save on taxes and help your brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith. Your planned gifts can help secure extra income and solidify your financial future, as well as connect you to God’s church around the world. Whatever you choose, Open Doors is happy to help—and thankful for your commitment to stand with God’s people living where it’s most difficult to follow Jesus.

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, securities

Make a current gift from these investments and reduce your taxes and any capital gains.

“We are grateful to God to be able to give appreciated stocks to Open Doors for a great reason. If we sell the stock, we pay income tax on the gain. If we give the stock to Open Doors, we receive an income tax deduction based on the ‘full value’ of the securities on the date of transfer. It is a win/win situation for us, for Open Doors and for the persecuted church.” —Roger & Janice

Blended gifts

A “blended gift” combines the power of a current or annual gift with a planned gift. Combining your gifts can be an attractive way to achieve your financial and estate planning goals. Blended gifts also provide further critical help to persecuted Christians.

You might consider the following:

  • Gifts of non-cash assets, such as securities, real estate or business interests
  • Charitable life income plans, including charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts
  • Bequest and/or beneficiary designations of IRAs, financial accounts or life insurance

There are numerous ways to structure blended gifts depending on your personal situation.

Gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, IRA rollovers; donor-advised funds

You might enjoy some of these benefits: income for life and tax savings. Open Doors as beneficiary can save on estate taxes. You can also download a FREE guide to setting up a charitable gift annuity with Open Doors by clicking here.

“I have accumulated many charitable gift annuities, including several with Open Doors. I feel this is trustworthy organization to reach the lost souls for whom Christ died. They focus on the persecuted who give testimony to God’s deliverance in their times of trial. Often these stories can stimulate us to a deeper commitment to prayer.” —Dorothy Wells

Legacy gifts: wills, bequests, insurance, retirement fund

Include Open Doors in your will or trust, or simply complete a beneficiary form through the administrator of your investments, insurance or retirement or pension plan. All you need to do is put the name of the charity(ies) as the beneficiary. Neither the beneficiary (charity) nor your estate will be taxed! 

“My husband and I were primarily inspired by Brother Andrew when in the early years of his ministry he went into dangerous situations to take Bibles to those who couldn’t get them. He and his colleagues risked their lives and yet kept on going. I have read many books by Brother Andrew and have been motivated and inspired to “get going”, to step out in faith and trust God. I believe in the direction that Open Doors has been going and love being a part of it.” —Esther

If you have questions about any of these planned gift options or about other ways you hope to leave a legacy for the persecuted church, click here to email Karen Schneider, Director of Planned Giving or call her directly at 1-800-659-5965