Planning your legacy

Did you know that around 70 percent of Americans do not have a will? The Planning Your Legacy guide will help you in preparing your will and trust and other important estate documents. It can serve as a tool for you to take to your attorney to update or create a legal document. Without a will, your estate planning could experience some difficulties, such as:

  • The state will make a will for you and you may not like how it takes care of your assets.
  • The courts, not your family, are in control. Your money and your property are distributed according to inflexible state laws, not your wishes.
  • The courts can choose a stranger or someone you would not want to handle the settlement of your estate, and it may be expensive.

By completing the Planning Your Legacy guide in advance, you could save time and money in attorney fees.

Fill out the form to the left, and download your free guide today! You can also check the box to note you’d prefer a mailed copy—either way, we are happy to help. You’ll be glad for the peace of mind.

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