A challenging experience that will throw your youth group straight into the real world of persecuted Christians.

Locked Up is a 12-hour simulation of a prison-like setting—where your students will be Locked Up and challenged to live their role in God’s great story of the Church around the world.
Through Locked Up, students are drawing closer to God. They are being tested in a difficult setting, and they leave the night with a greater appreciation for God’s Word and the privilege to worship Him freely and openly.
As the simulation unfolds, students learn about countries where Christians are persecuted. They grow in knowledge about the worldwide Church, and they unite together as guards mock and demean them for being Christians.

Your Locked Up Kit Includes:

  • A six-week preparation course
  • 12 hours of activities in a step-by-step Leader’s Guide
  • Promotional materials for students, the church and community
  • Videos and handouts for students
  • Tools to engage your church and parents
  • Handouts for everyone involved

Locked Up Resources

  • Youth Leader Read First
  • 12 Hour Event at a Glance
  • Locked Up FAQs
  • Locked Up Planning Schedule
  • Locked Up Poster
  • Locked Up Web Banner
  • This is just a sample of the resources you’ll find in your Locked Up kit and journey into spiritual courage.
You’ll also get the United Six-Week Course included…
The United course is designed to prepare your students mentally and spiritually over the weeks leading up to your Locked Up event. It will engage your students and lay the groundwork so Locked Up truly impacts them in a deep way. You’ll get a leader’s guide to help you prepare and a prayer journal for your youth group.
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