July 9, 2013 by Open Doors

July 9, 2013


More Prayer Needed as Egyptian violence worsens


The call for prayer for Egypt is still on, and even more urgent than before. The future is very unclear as the Muslin Brotherhood and other fundamental Islamic groups battle with the military and police over the removal of President Mohammad Morsi last week. Over 50 people were reportedly killed on Monday during demonstrations, according to Reuters. A Christian in Egypt said: “With the army and police forces facing so many challenges and clashes against violent armed groups of radical Muslims, peaceful Christians are wondering: where do we go and who do we call for to protect us? Please continue to lift our country in prayer that God may give much wisdom to the decision- making circles, and that an honest, God-fearing president may be elected soon so Egypt may move on. We Christians of Egypt do continue to rejoice for the ultimate assurance that God has always been and still is in control, and that He has a mighty plan for our country. May we all continue to shine for Jesus and bring in love and forgiveness, and so may you, our brothers and sisters around the world.”

Sign up for Ramadan Prayer Calendar Today

This is a reminder that beginning today (July 9) and continuing for 30 days, Muslims around the globe will fast and pray from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. During this time, Open Doors is calling on Christians worldwide to unite in prayer for our brothers and sisters living in Islamic-dominated countries. By praying daily in the names of Jesus, we will seek the Lord to provide them strength when harassed, comfort if fearful… and most importantly to be emboldened to share the Gospel when possible. This is also one of the most powerful opportunities to pray for Muslims as well. As they seek God during this time, we can pray that they find Jesus. Here is what you can do. Unite and pray using the 30 day Ramadan Prayer Calendar, pray in the name of Jesus each day for a different country. Get others to pray. To register and get others to register, go to link to register.


Evangelical Christians Targeted by Eritrean Government


Single women have become the latest target of a widespread arrest campaign against evangelical Christians in Eritrea. Over the past two weeks authorities in two separate incidents took 14 single Christian women into custody for continuing religious activities outside of the Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran and Muslim religious institutions. The exact dates of the arrests are unknown.

In the first incident authorities arrested nine single young female students at Sawa Academic Centre which doubles as military training centre near the Sudanese border. Along with hundreds of other Eritreans, they face incarceration in metal shipping containers, overcrowded cells and dungeons. Officials arrested another five women in Debarewa, a small town near Asmara on the way to Mendefera. Security officers arrested the women from their homes after they were informed that the women are evangelical Christians. It is suspected that the women are held at a police station in town.

Eritrean sources believe these latest arrests followed the government’s recent calls on National Women’s Association conference attendees to use all possible means to stop the influence of evangelicals. Church leaders estimate that there are now around 1,500 Christians imprisoned under harrowing circumstances without formal charges brought against them. The latest arrests bring to 205 the number of Christians arrested since the beginning of the year. Sources have informed Open Doors that they are particularly concerned over 37 students arrested from the College of Science in Adi Kihe (Adi Keyih) in May. They remain imprisoned at the military camp in Dekemhare and it is reported that they are being tortured. They are also facing inadequate food, sanitation and medical care.


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