A little girl’s Bible brings hope to her family as they flee for their lives.

June 21, 2011 by Open Doors

Nine Year old Leah

“I’m not sure it’s sensible to pack this for our journey,” Yusuf said gently to Leah. “The road we’re going to take is very dangerous with lots of checkpoints.”

“But it’s the only thing I really want to take with me!” cried the nine-year-old. “I’d rather take this than my toys!”

Like thousands of other Christian families from the cities of Baghdad and Mosul, the time had come for Yusuf and his family to run for their lives. Early that morning, a letter had been slipped into their mailbox, ordering the ‘Christian dogs’ to leave within 24 hours or their house would be bombed.

Yusuf dared not delay. After hurriedly packing just a few bags, he and his family abandoned their family home and land, and headed to the relative safety of the north of the country.

“OK, Leah,” Yusuf finally agreed. “You can pack your Bible, but you must keep praying that God will protect us during our journey.”

Thankfully, Yusuf and his family made it safely to the north. But the future remains uncertain for Leah. When she grows older, will she stay in her homeland? Or will she, like thousands of other Christians, decide to leave Iraq in search of safety and stability elsewhere? One thing’s for sure-now more than ever, Leah and her family are so grateful to have God’s Word in their hands to comfort, strengthen and guide them in the days ahead.

Iraq is listed as #8 on Open Doors World Watch List of the top 50 countries where Christians experience persecution.


Accross the Muslim world, converting to Christianity from Islam requires real courage. Isolated, shunned and sometimes killed for abandoning their Muslim faith, Christians live with a great need for the support of Bibles, training in leadership, and lasting community development. You can send light to dark places in the Muslim World.

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