“Adamant to hold on to Christ, despite the cost.”

January 13, 2016 by Open Doors in Africa

Sudan is becoming increasingly dangerous for Christians. Since the secession of South Sudan, the government in Khartoum has made it clear that the country is a Muslim state that will be governed by Islamic sharia. The government of President Oman Hassan al-Bashir has also made it clear that there is no room for Christians. However, contrary to the desire of the government and society at large, there are Christians in Sudan who are holding on to Christ at great cost, many of them losing “houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, …” for the sake of the gospel” (Matt 19:29).

Moses, who is 31, was born to a successful Muslim businessman in Sudan.

One day in 2011, Moses walked past a church and noticed the cross. He unexpectedly felt “something stirring in him”. He entered the building on an impulse and was met by a church elder. They had a brief discussion about the Christian faith.

This one conversation led to a number of follow-up meetings. After two years of discussion, Moses accepted Christ. The regular discussions turned into discipleship sessions.

Soon after this, Moses married a Muslim woman named Aida. She regularly joined Moses for church services at the local church, and Moses sincerely hoped she would follow him to Christ. But it did not happen.

At first, the couple did not tell any of their families about Moses’ Christian faith. They thought it best to keep it a secret. But in April this year, Aida told her mother.

Aida’s mother was furious! When she told her sons, they immediately went to Moses’ house and burned it to the ground. Moses lost everything in the fire – including all of his documents.

Not surprisingly, Aida left Moses. She said she would only return if he renounced his Christian faith. Moses noticed that they started monitoring his activities and realized that he was in grave danger.

But he was determined to hold on to Christ. So Moses decided to relocate once more.

Although he has been separated from his earthly family, God has provided for him in a spiritual family. Thankfully, there remains an indigenous local church, and by the grace of God, Moses found a good spiritual home in his new town where he is being nurtured and discipled.

Moses remains adamant to hold on to Christ, despite the cost. He is a representation of many converts in Sudan who are in great need of prayer and encouragement. Open Doors is supporting the small but courageous local church in Sudan and are strengthening their efforts of reaching out to unbelievers in love and helping converts, such as Moses, to grow strong in the faith despite the many challenges they face for choosing Christ.

*Representative names and photo to protect persecuted Christians

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