Agmal and Gurya

February 16, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Pastor Agmal* and his wife Gurya* are uncertain of the next step since their efforts to officially register their church in a Kazakh town have been thwarted by local officials and the Muslim community. Even though they submitted all of the required documentation, the authorities have denied their requests. They are requesting pray for God’s wisdom in handling their current dilemma: should they invest more of their time and energy in attempts to obtain registration, or should they continue to meet illegally?

This recent dilemma is just one of the challenges facing Pastor Agmal and Gurya. Death threats come regularly from the local Muslims, who accuse them of being “betrayers of the pure faith.” They have also received threats from authorities that if they preach to Muslims, they will be arrested and imprisoned for proselytism.

Many people had previously left the church during a time of severe persecution, but now the believers are slowly returning to the church, one by one. Pray for these weary brothers and sisters, many of whom have been emotionally and spiritually crushed, and whose families have been broken. These faithful brethren have a true heart to spread the gospel among the people of their community, but are often hindered by the laws against proselytizing. Pray especially for Agmal and Gurya as they seek God’s grace and wisdom to lead their church in spiritual recovery and growth.

*Names changed for security


Father, we bring before You the plight of Pastor Agmal and his wife Gurya as they seek Your wisdom in their current circumstances. We pray Your protection over them and over the people in their congregation. You have promised to grant wisdom as we seek it from You and so we pray with confidence that You grant them wisdom about how to proceed from here regarding registration of their church. Should they keep trying or just keep meeting as they have been? Please make Your way clear. Thank You for those who have returned to fellowship with the body of believers; heal and strengthen them, Father, and equip Agmal and Gurya to meet their spiritual needs. And we pray for the many in their town who do not know You, who are lost in spiritual darkness. Open their hearts and minds to receive the gospel of grace and grant opportunities for members of the church to share it in ways that are both wise and bold. In the name of Jesus, who came to seek and save those who are lost. Amen.

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