Ahmad – Testimony from a Secret Believer

December 15, 2010 by Open Doors in General

indonesian man

For many years now Ahmad has been living a double life. Because he lives in a predominantly Islamic tribe in Southern Sumatra, he faces fierce opposition for being a Christian.

Ahmed first learned about Isa (Jesus) through a television program. He dialed the phone number on the screen and asked several questions; the pastor on the phone offered to pray for Ahmad. Later, the pastor asked if he could visit Ahmad, and it was then, in March 2001, that Ahmad put his trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When his wife and children learned that not only was he a Christian, but he was also baptized and attending church, they shunned him out of the house. But, when his wife became ill, he moved back into his family home to care for her. Since then they have never mentioned his faith again. 

Now, at 67 years old, Ahmad continues to live as a secret believer. The pastor who met him nine years ago is still his mentor in the faith and is consistently encouraging him to attend church every Sunday. During his talk with Open Doors, Ahmad admits to being tired about hiding his faith from others. He desires to live out his Christian faith freely. “Please pray for me and for my family to know Isa. I believe in God’s promise that He will extend His grace to my family as well. I no longer want to live like this. I have cried many times in my prayers, as I am uncertain how long I can keep this up.”

Lord Jesus, we thank You for the life that Ahmad in Sumatra has chosen to live for You. We pray now that Ahmad’s family will come to know Christ, and that he will not feel deeply torn about his faith in You and his love for his family. We also pray for those who hear the gospel message through TV and radio programs; may they be emboldened to call and seek answers to the questions that are burning in their hearts. We ask that You fill the emptiness in their soul and provide them with someone, just like the pastor in Sumatra, who will pray, encourage and ultimately lead them to eternal salvation.


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