Aleppo Included in Syria Ceasefire Deal

May 19, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

A welcome, though brief, truce allowed the citizens of Aleppo who remain in this war-ravaged city to catch their breath for a moment in the midst of nearly incessant fighting. BBC News reported that a 48-hour truce was reached between rebel and government forces on May 4 that, while protecting the people of Aleppo, allowed for continued targeting of IS and al-Qaeda militants. Occupying forces in Aleppo have long been divided between the rebels who oppose Bashar al-Assad’s administration and the Syrian government forces that support his regime, with fighting on both sides wreaking havoc and causing tens of thousands to flee.

While a ceasefire agreement was already in place in other parts of Syria, Aleppo had been excluded until the May 4 agreement. In this city that was once the industrial and financial center of Syria, the prolonged civil war has turned life into a waking nightmare. Even on rare good days, access to basic utility services like water and electricity is sporadic. Daily threats of violence have rendered the fragile lives of the remaining residents even more desperate.

While an estimated 5,000 of the Syrian refugees stranded at Jordan’s border are from Aleppo remain interned in refugee camps, the truce brought a moment of welcome relief for those who have stayed in the city. Pray with us for these beleaguered people, many of whom are Syrian Christians.

Source: BBC News

Father, it is with sorrowful hearts that we lift up the people of Aleppo as they struggle just to maintain a semblance of normalcy. Thank You for this respite and we pray for a permanent end to the fighting and a beginning of the work of restoring order and services. We pray for the Christians there that they will know Your protection and grace in the midst of hardship and that You will give them many opportunities to reach out to their Muslim neighbors with compassionate aid as they live out the gospel with the hands and heart of their Savior. In the name of Jesus who meets us in our place of need and comforts us with His incomprehensible peace. Amen.

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