Algerian Christian Arrested

August 29, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Algerian Christian Arrested

Sofiane, a Christian man from the Algerian city of Biskra, was arrested on Friday, August 23, by the National Gendarmerie at a check point near Biskra, located about 300 miles south of Algiers. Sofiane, a member of the Protestant church of Algeria (EPA), is married and has one child.

According to a church source, Sofiane was traveling in a shared taxi from the city of Oran when the vehicle was stopped by members of the Gendarmerie. Sofiane was arrested and taken to Biskra for questioning. The source added, “The police raided his family home and took his laptop and other personal items.”

“When Sofiane’s wife, the day after his arrest, went to the police station to find out more about her husband, they said that they couldn’t give more information.” EPA officials, as well as the broader Algerian Christian community, are concerned over news of this brother’s arrest, especially since he is still in custody and no one has been able to see him.

Father, we lift up Sofiane before You, trusting Your ever watchful care over him. Grant him peace and confidence in Your presence with him. Bring about justice on his behalf that he might be released soon. And we pray for his wife and the Christian community as they fear for him as well as perhaps their own vulnerability as Christians in Algeria. Encourage them and give them discerning eyes in their daily coming and going, and courage to share the gospel of Christ in actions and words, as You bring opportunity. In the name of Jesus in whom we live, and move, and have our being, Amen.

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