Asian Pastors Arrested

April 26, 2017 by Open Doors in Asia

During a secret Christian meeting, some Asian pastors were arrested and held for 15 days for organizing an illegal meeting. Their wives were fined $857 each, a huge sum for them.  Over the last several months, they have been arrested four times, which means that the local authorities can turn this arrest into a serious criminal process, rather than just an administrative one. Therefore, the punishment could be harder than before. Pray for the authorities in that country to be tolerant of Christians and allow them to worship freely.

Our Father, we lift before Your throne of grace these pastors and their wives, that You will have compassion on them and grant them freedom. Sustain them in this time of trial. Give them courage to stand firm and wisdom as they work with the authorities. And we pray for the Christians at work in this nation, that You will give power to their preaching of the Word and bring about freedom to worship, that the gospel might go forward in great strength. Raise up a mighty band of believers to lift their hands toward heaven in worship and praise. In the name of Jesus, who is gathering His church from all the kingdoms of the earth. Amen.  

Join others in praying.