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Attack in Tajikistan Linked to ISIS

November 12, 2015 by Janelle P in Middle East

Two months ago, at the entrance to the city of Dushanbe, there was an armed attack on a police checkpoint. This was reported by a source in the Tajik Internal Affairs Ministry.

“At about 5:50 pm, the unknown armed group opened fire at the police checkpoint in the east of Dushanbe, at the entrance to the city of Dushanbe from the city of Vakhdat,” said a source in Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to official information, all the policemen who were at the checkpoint died, their number was not specified.

“Unknown armed men in a car fled to the city of Vakhdat. The security forces pursuing them,” said the source of Radio Ozodi.

According to one of the versions, the attackers are members of the Islamic Party, connected with ISIS.

Please pray for Christians in this country who have received threats from groups claiming to be ISIS.

4 responses to “Attack in Tajikistan Linked to ISIS”

  1. Open Doors, certainly it should be our compassion and unwavering stand for human rights and dignity to support the safety and security for all refugees, without exception. But we also need to make certain that this is truly a shared position with those who ask the USA to make sacrifices. I would greatly appreciate it if you could reach out to me, for a discussion. I think we really need to have a dialogue with the UNHCR. The UNHCR Thailand is rejecting refugee status requests from a number of very desperate Pakistan Christians whose families have been murdered, beaten, kidnapped, shot at, their teeth broken, their fingers broken. As we stand in support of refugees as part of our world compassion, I think it is very important that we make a very firm point to the UNHCR that our compassion for all people and for all refugee – is for ALL – which cannot EXCLUDE Christians. Sadly, that is precisely what I am seeing all too often in very specific documented letters from the UNHCR Thailand. As we stand on principle, it is very important that we expect the UNHCR (which the USA gives $1.2 billion a year) to also stand by the principals and standards we are expecting from them as well. For the UNHCR to say that murder, beating, shooting, kidnapping, broken bones is not “evidence of threat of violence” boggles the imagination of any reasonable person. But that is where we are today. I think today is good time for the UNHCR to make a commitment that Christian refugee rights matter as well. I have written before, now I am reaching using social media in hopes that I can reach you.

  2. Sunflower – at OpenDoorsUSA my comment reply is moderated – so I don’t know when you will see it, but if you get this you can reach me at usa (at) realcourage (dot) org – I can provide a reply.

  3. I believe this issue really tests our hearts. Brothers and sisters if we choose
    to follow Christ, we were given a commandment that we must love one another. Christ
    followers were said to be known by their love for others. Are we going to allow
    recent events to harden our hearts or allow our love to grow cold? Will we remain

  4. I think we should definitely welcome the Christian refugees but not the Muslim ones. There are no Christian members of ISIS but there is always the risk that a Muslim could be using their refugee status to advance terrorist causes. It’s just too risky to allow any Muslims here because of the chance they could be radical. Other Moderate middle eastern countries can take these refugees, while our focus should be on the Christians since we know they pose no threat. They are fleeing for their lives because ISIS hates them.

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