Baby Eva Finally Gets Her Name

June 1, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Baby Eva

In certain countries in North Africa, officials often refuse to register Christian names to children born to Christian parents. According to the Constitution, even when parents have the right to give Christian names to their children, the officials can make the process extremely difficult. Such was the case for parents Ahmed and Maxime who had to resort to hiring an attorney to help give baby Eva her legal name.

Eva’s father had tried in vain for several months to legally have her name recorded. Finally, after five frustrating months and with the help of a lawyer, they were successful in registering Eva’s name. Ahmed and Maxime admit that by hiring a lawyer, the problem was solved faster. Not only did Eva get her name registered that day; eight other babies’ names were registered with the help of the lawyer.

“Five months doesn’t seem that long. We know of a case in which the parents had to wait 18 months to register their baby,” says Maxime. “The case of Eva is not an isolated one.” According to a newspaper in the region, other names such as Rahel, Samuel, and Nathalie among others have been denied registration by the state employees. Ahmed explains, “For the governments, every citizen in their countries is a Muslim. Therefore, Christian parents cannot give their children a Christian name. Although the law permits it, they face great hurdles.” Maxime adds, “I know several Christians couples who are currently facing the same problem. Please pray for their situation.” 

Father, we know how special and important it is to parents to choose specific names for their children, and we pray for those Christians who face difficulties of registering their babies’ names. Thank you that Eva and eight other babies were able to legally receive their names. We pray that these babies would grow up loving Jesus and living out their faith in the midst of a Muslim-dominant culture, and may the parents be bold in their quest to have Christ-centered families. Amen


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