Believer Arrested for Having Two Bibles

May 25, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

Three weeks ago police broke into Akhmed’s* house, threw him on the floor, and beat him violently. The police officers then searched his house and found two Bibles—one of them registered (It is illegal to have a Bible in that country without permission from the local authorities) and another one that had not been registered. They confiscated the second Bible, arrested Akhmed, and put him in jail at the local police station. He had been arrested twice before, held in custody for 15 days, and had been fined several times for being a Christian and proselytizing. This time, however, his treatment was more severe; he was brutally beaten in the prison. When his wife Kamila* came to the police station the next morning with clothes and food for her husband, she was told that he was not there. Kamila, her children, and a friend spent 10 days searching for the missing believer. When they finally found Akhmed, he was very ill and being held at another police station. Police officials had locked him into the “punishment cell,” a freezing room without furniture, In which he was sleeping right on the cold floor dressed in only his underwear. He had also been held for a couple of days in a cell with people dying from tuberculosis, and suffered repeated severe beatings from the police and guards. After ten days, the police released Akhmed and allowed relatives take him home. He was very weak and ill and had to be admitted to the hospital due to his condition. Please pray for a quick recovery for Akhmed, as well as for God’s protection for him and his family. Pray also for God to change the hearts of local police and authorities.

*Names changed

Father, we pray Your arms of comfort and protection to surround Akhmed and his wife. Heal his body that he might have the strength to continue serving You. And heal his soul; protect him from bitterness and fear. We pray too for the community of believers there as they seek to both speak and live the gospel in this hostile environment. Guide them in the times to be bold and the times to quietly live godly lives before their neighbors who are lost in spiritual darkness. Holy Spirit, bring fruit to their labor; quicken the hearts and minds of many to turn to You in faith. In the name of Jesus who suffered even unto death that we might live. Amen.

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